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You hear all kinds of sounds coming from the woods outside of your tent at night. But what’s really going on out there? When we tuck into our sleeping bags, certain nocturnal critters keep the party going in the woods. Fortunately, us humans have night vision technology at our disposal and get to watch the show.

These critters wake up when the sun goes down

Here are just a few examples of what may be hiding under the cloak of night at your campground…

Skunks, foxes, and bears, oh my!

This Midwestern forest is teeming with nocturnal creatures.

High-tech night vision cameras can capture even the most elusive night dwellers in impeccable clarity.

Would you be brave enough to wander through an Australian forest at night?

Ledlenser in making it easier for humans to become creatures of the night with their impressively bright headlamps and flashlights. Be sure to add your campground reviews and photos on The Dyrt for a chance to win free gear from Ledlenser and other great outdoor brands!

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