Harvest Hosts is a network of farms, wineries, and unique parking opportunities for RV travelers. 

The freedom to move from place to place and take your home with you has inspired many people to transition from traditional houses to homes on wheels. Camping and living in an RV means your backyard can be the Grand Canyon, or the North Cascades, or wherever you choose to park for the night.

But full-time RV-ers know it isn’t always as simple as pulling up to a stunning view. Constantly moving means constantly searching for places to sleep. Often, campgrounds are booked. Or they aren’t a good fit for your rig. Or you just can’t find one.

Walmart parking lots are a popular option in dire moments of aimless driving with heavy eyelids — most of them allow overnight parking. But what if you could enjoy the view of a sunset over a field of grape vines instead of the glow of a blue neon sign?

Harvest Hosts makes that possible.

Harvest Hosts Offers Unique Camping for RVs

I think we can all agree that staying at a beautiful farm or winery is more appealing than a last minute spot in the local Walmart parking lot. Now, RV campers don’t even have to think about it. With more than 620 hosts involved, Harvest Hosts provides overnight options all across the U.S. and Canada that are exclusively open to RV campers.

Some of the more novel Harvest Hosts’ campsites include an alpaca farm, an alligator ranch, and an airplane museum. You can even stay at an array of wineries, including a winery and vineyard in California once owned by a movie producer, and a Pacific Northwest winery located right on the Willamette River.

The online map is easy to use and joining the community is simple. You just fill out their online form and pay the $49 yearly fee for open access to the entire site and all of the Harvest Host locations. Sorry tent campers, this is just for campers with self contained vehicle amenities. This is because the Harvest Hosts sites do not provide any amenities whatsoever.

With that said, the community isn’t exclusive to RVs specifically. Any camper that has a self contained toilet, indoor cooking space, and a built-in gray water tank works. There is a list of guidelines online, and you can submit questions if you aren’t sure your vehicle meets the requirements.

The RV Trip You Imagined from Harvest Hosts


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You might be wondering what’s in it for the hosts. In exchange for a spot on their property, the expectation is that you support their business in kind. If you are staying at a winery, that might mean purchasing a bottle of their seasonal vino. If you are staying at a museum, then you can take a tour or choose an item from the gift shop.

If you ask me, some local wine with dinner is a welcome exchange for access to a beautiful camping spot.

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