The staff here at The Dyrt works hard to ensure that our users find the best campgrounds in beautiful places around the U.S. Most of us at The Dyrt are here because, like you, we are passionate about camping and getting outside as often as possible. The editorial staff decided to give a sneak peek

into The Dyrt staff’s favorite campgrounds to showcase the places we’re dreaming about on and off the clock.

The Dyrt Staff’s Favorite Campgrounds

Listed below are some of The Dyrt staff’s favorite campgrounds. This isn’t everyone, but we hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better.

Riverside Campground—Mt. Hood National Forest, OR

Left image of women smiling at her desk, Right image of clearing in the forest with campground signage and evergreen trees in the background.

Left Image by Emily Gallegos, Right image form The Dyrt camper Raphaela H.

“I love camping along the Clackamas River in the Mt Hood National Forest. There are quite a few campgrounds along the river but Riverside is my favorite. You can camp right on the bank of the river and listen to the water go by all night. Plus is fairly easy to get to from Portland.” — Sarah Smith, CEO

Cape Lookout State Park—Tillamook, OR

On the right photo of guy at his desk giving a thumbs up, left image of a beach landscape behind an evergreen forest.

Left Image by Emily Gallegos, Right Image from The Dyrt camper Kayla S.

“Cape Lookout State Park. Close to the ocean, close to the oysters: Nevør Shellfish Farm is right outside the park and sells oysters by the bag. Nothing like shuckin’ around the campfire.” — Ryan Fliss, Chief Marketing Officer

Umbagog Lake State Park—Errol, NH

Left image of girl with headphones and a large dog in the office, Right image a panorama of a dock floating in an expansive lake surrounded by a forest.

Left Image by Emily Gallegos, Right image form The Dyrt camper Jean C.

“Umbagog is a unique experience because you are dropped off at your campsite from a boat!  You are welcome to bring along kayaks, hammocks, pets, and as many supplies as you want which allows for a remote yet comfortable camping experience.” — Maggie Fisher, Production Coordinator

Mathews Arm—Shenandoah National Park

Image guy to left, person in tent in the forest to the right.

Left Image by Emily Gallegos, Right Image from The Dyrt camper Eric K.

“Mathews Arm campground in Shenandoah National Park—I love it because it’s right off the blue ridge parkway, has awesome stargazing and you’ll usually see some black bears roaming the surrounding woods.” — Kevin Johnson, Assistant Editor

Alabama Hills Recreation Area—Lone Pine, CA

On the right photo of guy in a office resting his chin on his hands, left image of sprinter van parked in a desert below a snow capped mountain range.

Left Image by Emily Gallegos, Right Image from The Dyrt camper Berton M.

“Alabama Hills Recreation Area in Lone Pine, California. It’s BLM land (so free camping) that’s beautiful high desert. Many westerns have been shot there and it’s a short drive up to the eastern sierras.” — Taylor Kalsey, Production Coordinator

Marion Lake Campground—Willamette National Forest, OR

On the left man smiling at his desk, on the right image of lake with small mountain peak in the background.

Left Image by Emily Gallegos

“Marion Lake – Central OR – 3-5 mile hike into the Cascade Range to reach a lightly populated alpine lake with mountain views, hiking, fishing, relaxing in the summer sun and fresh air.” — Mark Friess

L.L. Stub Stewart State Park—Buxton, OR

On the left women sitting at her desk, one the right tents setup at campsite on the grass beside a forest.

Left Image by Emily Gallegos, Right Image from The Dyrt camper Jill T.

“L.L. Stub Stewart State Park in Buxton, OR. Love the cabins and biking along the adjacent Banks-Vernonia State Trail.” — Tanya Bushnell, Community Manager

Tawas Point State Park—Tawas City, MI

On the right women sitting at her desk in front of a computer screen, on the left, beach with blue sky and cumulous clouds.

Left Image by Emily Gallegos, Right Image from The Dyrt camper Stephanie C.

“When I think about camping, the first thing that comes to mind is family trips while growing up in Michigan. Every summer a large group of us would car camp at Tawas Point State Park to enjoy Lake Huron, beaches, catching frogs and watching the sunset.” — Jenn McHale Marin, Senior Product Designer

Polebridge—Glacier National Park, MT

On the right photo of guy in a office, left panorama of a lake with snow dusted mountains the background and expansive blue sky with clouds.

Left Image by Emily Gallegos

“I love camping in Polebridge, MT. Saw the northern lights come out while dancing to a local band” — Anthony Easton, Head of Audience Development

We hope you find inspiration from our favorite campgrounds. And of course, happy camping–from all of us at The Dyrt!

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