Whether I’m at home or in the woods, my love language is cooking.

But that’s not always easy to do as well at a campsite. In fact, one of my most tragic trail stories involves a pot of smoky sausage mac and cheese being dumped into the campfire when my old cooking pot was knocked off the coals.

The thought still breaks my heart.

Snow Peak’s Iron Grill Table Brings Your Kitchen to the Campground

Snow Peak’s Iron Grill Table setup is a game-changer when it comes to campground cooking.

It’s modular, meaning you can get as big or small a “kitchen” as you need, and as high or low off the ground as makes you comfortable. From there, you can outfit your IGT with exactly the components you want, from a single burner Baja stove to a big double BBQ box, cutting boards, and prep cubes that offer storage and counter space.

With the Iron Grill Table, you and your favorite people can eat well even at campgrounds that don’t have onsite grills.

And don’t let the name “Iron” Grill Table deceive you. This isn’t a kitchen setup you’ll want to carry into the backcountry, but it is compact enough for your average car camping weekend. The frames are made of lightweight aluminum, and the biggest one clocks in at just 17 pounds. Divvy up the parts with your party and you can show off your skills once everyone arrives.

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Meghan O'Dea

Meghan O'Dea

Meghan O'Dea is a writer, world traveler, and life-long learner who grew up in the foothills of Appalachia. College led to summer stints in England and Slovenia, grad school to a sojourn Hong Kong, and curiosity to everywhere in between. She has written for the Washington Post, Fortune Magazine, Yoga Journal, Eater Magazine, and Uproxx amongst others. Meghan hopes to visit all seven continents with pen and paper in tow.