I have the wonderful luxury of being able to walk to and from work, everyday. But unlike many of my other fellow walkers, I usually refrain from wearing headphones. It’s not for lack of loving sweet jamz, it’s because I much prefer being able to hear someone walking up behind me. Turns out, AfterShokz offers an innovative solution that would allow me to enjoy music and remain aware of my surroundings. 

AfterShokz Trekz Air Are a Super Cool Way to Listen to Music

Pumping music through your ear canals isn’t the only way to listen to music through headphones. Instead, the open ear headphone design delivers music or podcasts through your cheekbones, all the way to your inner ear, leaving you the ability to still hear what’s going on around you.

The best part of AfterShokz’s Trekz Air model is you’re able to use them during all kinds of activities. The open ear model is great for when you want to listen to your own music around the campfire but also want to be apart of the conversation. The extremely lightweight titanium design securely fits without losing any sound quality. The wireless design makes it easy to wear when biking, running, or even doing yoga.

While I’m no athlete, I do love that the Trekz Air was inspired by athletes. It means that no matter what your activity is, they will remain comfortable, stay on your head, and deliver great sound.

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Kate Schoof

Kate Schoof

Kate has spent much of her life either playing in or working to protect outdoor spaces. Her favorite outdoor activities always involve being in, on, or near bodies of water. However, she is a sucker for a beautiful desert view. You can bet that when she is not submerging herself in the wilderness, she is probably practicing aerial acrobatics or spending time with her husband and pups.