One of the best things about the outdoors is just how unpredictable your experience can be. You never know when a mountain goat might cross your trail, or when your bestie might make an epic face while she’s puzzling her way across a stream.

Unfortunately, all that unpredictability makes it hard to capture your #authentic adventure.

But a new camera company has a seriously cool solution that is going to change the way we film and photograph our experiences.

The Rylo 360° Camera is Blowing Our Minds

Rylo developed a lightweight, packable 360° camera that makes it easy to get the perfect shot — and shots you didn’t even know you wanted — by capturing your surroundings from every single angle, all at once. It then automatically helps you pick the best composition out of the big batch of data. You don’t even have to use the viewfinder, which is why Rylo doesn’t have one.

Trusting Rylo to get the shot is made much easier with stability features that smooth out the movement of our favorite activities, like mountain biking or running with our dog on the beach, and stabilizing the horizon line, which makes fast movement much more enjoyable to watch.

Rylo takes most of the guesswork out of capturing the moment while you’re on-the-go. Filming with a 360° camera is like bringing along a professional camera crew to document every view.

All you have to do is download the footage to your phone and work with the app to distill the data down to video clips or even time-lapse style images. You can even snag still shots from the video. After that, it’s time to start dreaming up nifty hashtags.

We’re blown away by the possibilities this little camera presents. And we can’t wait for campers to bring some to the campground so we can all check out the area from all angles. Keep your eyes on Rylo — this is going to be big.

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