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Loading up a cooler for a camping getaway shouldn’t make you feel like you need to hit the gym more. While cooler tech has created some awesome advancements, the added weight and size makes them unwieldy, and sometimes a nuisance to drag along. How does a cooler keep its power and size, while also being movable? The rolling cooler brand RovR may have just answered the call.

Ever since raising more than $185k on Kickstarter for their RollR cooler on wheels—now on the market in 60, 80, or 85-quart sizes—RovR has followed through on its sizable promises. The cooler’s design is bear-proof, sized for the best universal towing height, is deep enough to hold a bottle of wine upright, and has a ten-day ice retention (and that’s without any added features, of which there are plenty). Our team at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Snow Show got to see just what makes this cooler evenly hefty, effective and mobile.

Carry Everything In One Trip with RovR’s Rolling Cooler

two men attending outdoor retailer hold a cooler by a handle (right) one man rolling a cooler down a hill filled with gear

Our sales team with RovR CEO and President Tom DeFrancia seeing the portability of RovR’s rolling coolers.

While modular coolers aren’t uncommon things, finding a company that makes modular rolling cooler based on real camper experiences is rare. When Founder and CEO Tom DeFrancia needed an “all-terrain, tow-ready, one-size-carries-all cooler” that can go anywhere without two trips to the car, RovR was born. The RollR is the culmination of those efforts, being able to carry everything you need (and more) easily, thanks to the attachments available for this rolling cooler.

The wagon bin pops up on the top of the cooler for carrying along dry goods and equipment, and then collapses into a seat pad that straps to your cooler and provides extra insulation. Other features include cup holders, prepping boards and stash bags for extra carrying room. The optional features don’t just make this cooler better for storage, however. With the BikR attachment, this rolling cooler can hook on to the back wheels of any bike, allowing for everyone from picnickers to bikepackers to go farther in comfort.

Combining towing comfort and capacity is this rolling cooler’s biggest strength, making it adaptable for car campers and adventurers of all interests. Pricing for the cooler’s three capacities and multitude of attachments are available from RovR’s online store.

Buy Now: Starting At $369

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