Ryan F, a Ranger on The Dyrt, recently reviewed Sunshine Campground outside Telluride, CO. Even though there are only 18 campsites, Sunshine sounds well worth the trip. As part of his stay, Ryan conducted a Ranger gear test of the Osprey Aether 70L pack. Here are his thoughts:

“Definitely A Ranger Worthy Pack”

“As a Dyrt Ranger, I get products to test and review in the field. I recently got to test Osprey’s Aether 70L Backpack at Sunshine Campground outside Telluride, CO. First off, a 70L pack is big–bigger than your average day pack. I’ve had my eyes on 65L+ packs for a while so I was psyched to get my hands on this one. And it lived up to my expectations.

Ranger Review: Osprey Aether 70L Pack

“Pack on the trail. At 11k feet.”

“I’m going to be using the pack on a 5-day trek in Mexico in October, so I tried to replicate a multi-day, full load during my field test. I packed in bulky camping gear and a couple big rocks (to exaggerate the feeling of the weight). I estimate the final weight around 60lbs. Structurally, the pack handled the weight well.

Osprey Aether 70L Backpack

“The Osprey Aether 70L, ready for the trail.”

“I took it on day hikes (each ~10 miles, 3-5k net elevation gain) using Sunshine Campground as my HQ. It sat comfortably and didn’t leave any hotspots. Only downside? The large size limits it to multi-night or training hikes.”

Overall, Ryan gave the a whole-hearted “ranger worthy” stamp of approval. The Osprey Aether 70L Pack retails for $290. Check it out here.

The campground looks like it was just as amazing as the pack, too:

Sunshine Campground, CO

“Campsite 11 I think? Best view.”

Read the full review here.

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