Bear-tested, camper-approved, OtterBox‘s new coolers take the company beyond phone cases.

How is the OtterBox Cooler Different from YETI?

Both the OtterBox Venture 45 Cooler and the YETI® Tundra® 45 cost $349.99. They’re both dual-walled with the ability to keep ice for over a week. So why would you buy one over the other? Here’s a simple breakdown:

If you like simplicity, go with YETI®. The Tundra® form factor is slim with built-in handles. While there are accessories like dividers and ice packs, it is a cooler-first design.

If you want functionality from your cooler, check out the OtterBox Venture. The Venture is designed to be a central piece of your outdoor experience, allowing you to transform the cooler with various accessories. Whether it’s a table, cup holder, padlock, or camera mount, adventure-enhancing things can lock onto the cooler itself with an external frame design.

The OtterBox Venture 45. Note the external ribs that allow accessories to easily click into place.

In short, the Venture is a lot like the Tundra®. Both have really good marketing campaigns, and both have double-walled top-of-the-line construction. The Venture is designed for multiple situations, and the Tundra® is who want straightforward cooling done well. Shop Otterbox or YETI.

Buy Now $349

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