New Yorkers know something about harsh weather and high prices, and that’s why Hawke & Co has spent fifty years designing softshell jackets and other layers that don’t cost an arm and a leg. They’re made by city folk, with style that works for big apple life. But they’re also great for the outdoors. 

These Layers from Hawke & Co. Were Born Under the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Hawke & Co.’s outerwear pieces come with nice details like cuffs with thumb holes, and stand-up collars to keep your neck protected. This is the kind of gear you can wear to the office without worrying about looking or feeling too rugged.

In a way, that sums up the story of Hawke & Co, which started out as a uniform company and has since evolved into a maker of softshell jackets, down coats, fleeces, and base layers that are prefect for the urbanite who commutes in New York’s harsh winters, but doesn’t want to sacrifice style to stay warm. 

But you’re not stuck in work-mode with these pieces — you can play in these puffers, too. Outdoor and urban explorers will love the light and comfortable layering pieces. Plus, softshell jackets or vests pack up easily. Many are designed to stuff into their own pockets if you need to tuck them into a suitcase, backpack, or briefcase.

Heading to a campground near New York City? You can wear these layers to the office, and hit the road from there!

As an added bonus, none of these products will break the bank. They’re half the price of a lot of brands that use nice materials like duck down, even less if they’re on sale. Not bad for something made in a notoriously spendy city. 

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