The new Primus Firestick and Firestick Ti (titanium) put a fresh spin on backpacking stoves. The feature-rich Firestick is sleek and compact enough to easily fit in the smallest pack pocket – even your hip belt pocket. It’s not surprising that it just won the Best New Gear award from the Gear Institute at Outdoor Retailer, Summer 2019. This travel-friendly stove is perfect for space-conscientious campers, backpackers, and thru-hikers.

The Award-Winning Primus Firestick Fits in Your Pocket

The Primus Firestick is designed to take up the minimum amount of space in your pack without sacrificing your backcountry cooking power. At about the size of a Snickers bar, you won’t have to leave any important treats behind. (Did someone say dessert? Because you should always bring campfire desserts.)

sleek primus firestick backpacking stove on a red can of fuel sitting on a rock

One of the design features that really stands out is the long pot support arms. The sturdy pot supports provide a stable cooking surface for a variety of pot sizes – they also provide wind protection for the flame. Along with the wind protection from the pot supports, the burner also has an integrated windscreen for double the wind protection. When you’re not cooking, the supports fold up, forming a 4-inch streamlined cylinder that protects the burner when the stove is stashed in your pack. You can also stash the stove in the custom-designed wool storage pouch.

The air intake holes and recessed burner not only provide optimal wind protection but increase fuel efficiency as well. With the included external Piezo igniter and an easy-to-use regulator valve, the small but mighty Firestick cranks out 8,530-BTU of cooking power. The Firestick comes in steel or titanium. The steel stove ($90) weighs 3.7 ounces, and the titanium ($120) weighs a paltry 3.1 ounces.

The sleek design along with the dual wind protection sets this backpacking stove apart from the rest. The Primus Firestick outdoor stove will be available in Spring 2020.

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