There are plenty of products available when it comes to filling out your travel toiletries list. Yet it’s a challenge that plagues the traveler and the camper. How do you bring the right amount of shampoo, or toothpaste, to stay fresh on your trip, without suffering the dreaded bottle explosion in the backpack, or confiscated products in the airport security line?

Add These Two Items to Your Camping Toiletries List

It’s a not-so-simple challenge that we’re still tackling on camping trips and vacations. So we were intrigued to hear about two new products from Matador at this summer’s Outdoor Retailer. We already love their extremely lightweight and packable bags, and were curious to see how they’d apply this expertise to simplifying our list of toiletries.

Matador Soap Case

The FlatPak is an ingenious soap bar case that must be added to your toiletries list. This case is three times lighter than plastic ones you’ll find at the convenience store. Its flexible dry bag design is easier to squeeze into a full suitcase or backpack. That means there’s no hinges or a top that can leak — just one easy-to-seal opening that can roll tight around your soap, even if the bar has shrunk from use.

And the inside won’t get all gummy and gross like your typical soap case. The material is leak-proof, but breathable, so your soap stays both dry and contained.

Buy Now: $13

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Matador Toiletry Pouch

Another ingenious solution from Matador is their soft toiletry pouch, complete with a generous spout on the top. The big improvement over typical fillable toiletry bottles is the the squeezable soft-sided design — you won’t be shaking the heck out of them like with plastic bottles. This reduces waste and lets you bring just the right amount of your favorite products from your toiletries list, even if you only need enough for a weekend. And you can squeeze out just the right amount each time, instead of a surprise glob.

Buy Now: $13

Like Matador’s packable backpacks, both the soap case and toiletry pouch are ultra-light, perfect for anyone who needs to keep their gear minimal. They’re TSA-friendly, easy to clean if you switch between contents, and have built-in labels so you don’t end up with a mouth full of lotion at bed time.

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