Ethnotek is known for beautiful, well-crafted travel accessories for life on the road or trail. All of their products combine ethically sourced textiles with bag architecture expertise.

In an exciting expansion, their latest line focuses on outdoor and travel photographers.

The ETK OPTIKS collection takes Ethnotek’s dependable blend of quality, thoughtfulness, and ethically-sourced textile patterns to a new subject: a stylish camera bag.

Photo by The Dyrt Ranger Megan B.

Wild & Adventurous Camera Backpack Reviews

The new line’s launch is already almost completely funded on Kickstarter, and two of our Rangers got to test the fashionable new bags in action.

Ranger Megan B. said “I swear Ethnotek has thought of everything when designing this pack!”

Ranger Daniel B., however, decided to let the products speak for themselves… literally (okay, kind of). Watch this incredible, and at times ridiculous, stop-motion video review he made:

Jokes aside, this stylish camera bag takes the needs of photographers very seriously. The Raja Full Photo Pack is, as Ranger Megan put it, “designed with all the bells and whistles for the photographer that likes their gear and wants to take it all with them.” It’s a full on 30 liter backpack, a size Ethnotek already perfected for backpackers, tricked out on the inside for photographers. Megan also said of the Raja Full Photo Pack,

“I only had my prior generic medium sized camera bag to attempt to compare with the Raja Full Photo Pack and they are really incomparable. The Raja has an extraordinary amount of amazing special features, so much more holding space, multiple access points, has a way more comfortable frame and supports, and my old bag just doesn’t stand up in any way, shape, or form.

taking the ethnotek camera bag on a hike

Photo by the Dyrt Ranger Megan B.

My brother works for Milk Studio in LA and came to visit recently. When he saw the Raja Full Photo Pack he was stoked! He had been planning to buy another camera bag in the $600 range and he said the Raja pack was way better on so many levels. Needless to say I sent him the link to the Kickstarter and he will soon have his own Raja Full Photo Pack as well. The Raja Full Photo Pack is the perfect gear pack to stylishly tow around all ones camera equipment!”

Daniel’s video shows how much gear the elegant Raja bag can hold.

Smaller, Equally As Stylish Camera Solutions

Curious about the Desa Sling Pouch that was doing all the talking in that video? That’s the Raja’s smaller, lighter little sister. If you don’t need a ton of different lenses and have your rig set up for what you want to shoot, the Desa is ideal for taking into the field and keeping your photo trek ultra minimal.

women models stylish camera bag in field of grass

Photo by The Dyrt Ranger Megan B.

Ranger Megan says, “it makes a great bag for a quick getaway with your camera and a few small accessories.” She was able to fit her CanonRebel T1i with an attached 18-55mm lens, a lens hood, a Canon remote shutter button, camera’s tripod attachment piece, and the Desa Slings strap inside.

Last but not least, the Kota Camera Strap also solves the irks that most camera straps can produce, and it complements your stylish camera bag perfectly! Megan was impressed with its metal clips, easily adjustable design, and the feel of the neckband against her skin. It has a neoprene backside that’s breathable and cushy, a beautiful woven outside, and even a secret memory card sleeve!

patterned camera strap in photographers lap

Photo by The Dyrt Ranger Megan B.

I didn’t realize how much I hated my generic camera strap until ETK’s Kota camera strap arrived!” she wrote. “Not only is the Kota camera strap lightweight, weighing in at just 3 ounces, but it is more importantly comfortable to wear.” Extra points for not getting tangled up if you have long hair.

Ethnotek has different Kickstarter packages for whether you want one of the items in the new line, or want to bundle all three. Hurry up, though. There’s just a month left before your opportunity to get in on the new line is up. Check out the Ethnotek ETK Optics Kickstarter yourself and transform your outdoor photography approach with a stylish camera bag of your own.

For the past seven years, our friends at Ethnotek have proven themselves in two things: their dedication to community, and their ability to intuit what would make travelers’ lives easier. Now outdoor photographers finally get their turn with the ETK OPTIKS collection.

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