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Hiking among old growth trees or expansive landscapes can lighten your heart and create a sense of freedom from daily responsibilities. Injinji knows the feeling well and believes your feet deserve to feel just as light and free with their toe socks. 

Injinji’s Performance Toe Socks

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A company full of adventurers and active outdoor enthusiasts, Injinji aims to make socks that keep your feet comfortable and happy. Every sock they design features their patented five-toe sock design to reduce friction and encourage natural toe splay.

Their latest sock was specifically designed for avid hikers. The Injinji Liner + Hiker Crew is great for day hikes and even better for multi-day hikes. The dual layer sock comes with an ultra-thin, five-toed base layer to keep your foot dry and friction free. The Hiker layer fits perfectly over the liner to provide extra cushion while walking over rough terrain.

Layered toe socks

The Hiker fits over the five-toe liner for reduced friction and extra cushion.

Toe socks might look kinda funny, but when your toes are blister-free after a long hike, do you really care?

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