This article is brought to you by GCI Outdoor whose comfy camping chairs–ranging from stools to a collapsible rocking chair–will keep you comfortable no matter what climate you want to sit in. 

It’s such a joy to rock up to a campsite and see a pit outfitted with logs and stumps that will accommodate your camping group for hours of storytelling around the fire. But let’s be real — those log stumps are barely comfortable enough to endure Uncle Timmy’s 25th retelling of the time he landed that six-foot bass.

When the 26th retelling comes around, it’s time to upgrade to a comfy camping chair that will ease your mind and your body as you hear about the, ahem, seven-foot bass.

Enter GCI Outdoor’s line of camp chairs that were created for comfort, packability and ease-of-use.

These Comfy Camping Chairs Will Redefine Tranquility at the Campsite

Couple sitting in camp chairs in the desert petting a dog.

Founded in 1996, GCI Outdoor has been creating comfy camping chairs that live and breathe the camping lifestyle for more than two decades. Those years of camping immersion have allowed the team to discover exactly what campers want, and provide the best experiences possible.

GCI’s founder, Dan Grace, started the company after wondering, “Why isn’t there a chair for this?” From the company’s foundation, they’ve believed in creating chairs for specific purposes, and so, not surprisingly, that’s just what they’ve done: created camp chairs we want to sit in again and again.

These patented and patent-pending camp chairs keep the camper in mind. They’re lightweight, packable and, most importantly, comfortable.

Meet 4 Camp Chairs That Are Both Comfortable and Practical

Man fishing in front of camp chair on side of calm river.

There’s nothing worse than lugging a chair to camp that you are less-than-excited to sit in. Especially when your relatives have zero-gravity, extra-padded monstrosities that take up more than their fair share of the fire ring.

But what GCI’s comfy camping chairs lack in bulkiness they make up for in every other way possible. The majority of their camping chairs are adjustable, which makes them an automatic winner for ultimate comfort. If you need to take a load off, sidle up to a log and adjust the back toward the ground to kick your feet up. Or simply set back the adjusters to relax after a day of hiking, fishing or teaching your little one to ride a bike.

Kick Your Feet Up on a Comfy Camp Ottoman

If you don’t want to take the chance of finding a stump to get a moment of rest, check out their 3-Position Director’s Chair with an Ottoman — the ultimate choice in camp comfort. It packs up perfectly to stow the ottoman alongside the chair for seamless transitions from camp to car to tailgating to festivals.

Stay Moving With a Rocking Camp Chair

(left) man lounging in camp chair amongst desert red rocks (right) woman poses for photo in GCI pod rocker chair on outdoor deck

Also in the GCI lineup are Rockers, which can make you feel like you’ve brought your living room into the great outdoors. In both low-to-the-ground and standard height, the rocker-style camp chairs are a perfect fit for those with long, short or medium legs. The rocker clocks in about two pounds more than its stationary counterpart, making it an equal match for campfire comfort.

Keep it Lightweight With a Swivel Stool

And if you’re more of a minimalist when it comes to fireside comfort, the Sports Stool might be more your style. Made with 360-degree rotation, this camp stool works well for transitioning from campfire to camp stove and back to campfire again. Through all that transitioning, the swivel seat provides superior comfort to keep you comfortable all night long.

Take This Versatile Camp Chair Everywhere

For the more simplistic and minimalistic who are looking for a basic camp chair to replace all other camp chairs, meet the Everywhere Chair. As the OG of the GCI Outdoor lineup of comfy camp chairs, the Everywhere Chair was designed to venture to mountaintops, riverbeds, BBQs and campsites. Oh, and festivals, too. The Hillside Adjustment shifts the side webbing to create the perfect height for a hillside position to see your favorite band.

Beyond camping, GCI Outdoor offers a line of chairs, cook stations, side tables, and bleacher seats to make an order large enough to tell your Uncle Timmy about at the next family gathering.

This article was brought to you by GCI Outdoor

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