We’ve seen lots of outdoor tech that combines two items in one. Usually, it seems kind of unnecessary. But a speaker and a flashlight are two things you’re often using at the same time: at the campground when the sun goes down. It’s dark and it’s time to set the mood with some music. But also, it’s dark and you need to find your way to the bathroom. With this flashlight and Bluetooth speaker combo from Outdoor Technology, you can do both at once.

And if you’re the camper who stays up well past dark, this handy new gadget might be your new favorite campground accessory.

(Just be sure that you’re conscientious of quiet hours and fellow campers. While plenty of people enjoy campground tunes in the privacy of backcountry sites or at campgrounds where the mood is festive, others prefer peace and quiet. We highly recommend paying close attention to the vibe, the crowd, and the time when playing music at a campground.)

Outdoor Technology’s Buckshot Pro Ultra Flashlight Speaker

We checked out Outdoor Technology’s Buckshot Pro Ultra at this winter’s Outdoor Retailer and were impressed by the quality of both pieces of technology. The flashlight is bright and offers three light settings, and the tunes are loud and clear. Plus, the Buckshot Pro Ultra is dirt and water-resistant, so it can handle rolling around the camp floor when the late night campground dance party gets a little wild.

If two handy pieces of nighttime camping gear weren’t enough, the Buckshot Pro Ultra comes with a third: it’s a charging port, too. So your phone will stay charged long enough to keep those tunes going.

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Britany Robinson

Britany Robinson

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