While some minimalist campers whittle their gear down to the essentials, others like to bring the comforts of home along with them.

What’s the difference between a place to sleep and a place that’s cozy and welcoming? A place where you can really recharge and spoil yourself? Bringing along a few camping accessories that make you extra comfortable can make all the difference. These seven items, while not totally necessary, will make you feel right at home at the campground.

Go ahead. You deserve them…

1. Sleeping Bag Onesie

There are few worse feelings than climbing into your toasty sleeping bag to then realize that you’ll have to climb back out and brave the chilly night because you forgot to brush your teeth, put the food away, or need to relieve yourself of those dinnertime beers.

This is a problem of the past thanks to sleeping bag onesies like the Selk’bag. This sleeping bag conforms to the body with sleeves and pants, allowing you to roam the campsite freely while staying warm.

2. Colorful Throw Pillows

Have you ever noticed how grandmothers always seems to keep between five and twenty-five throw pillows on their guest room beds? This is because grandmothers have spent decades perfecting the art of turning a house into a home. An abundance of plush pillows is the best way to make your sleeping arrangement so comfortable that you might never get out of it.

Take some decorating tips from those who know best and bring along a few colorful pillows on your camping trip. They make nearly every situation more comfortable. You can prop them up when you read or use them as seating pads during a picnic.

We love these sweet handmade pillow cases from Wood Intimations on Etsy. Their fern and succulent designs bring the outside in your tent for an extra cozy vibe.

3. Espresso Maker

The difference between instant coffee and freshly brewed espresso is astronomical. If coffee is part of your morning ritual, then you must bring an espresso machine on your next camping trip.

There are battery-powered espresso makers and even hand pump espresso machines that rely solely on your strength to brew espresso in just a few minutes.

4. Solar-Powered String Lights

Twinkly strands of lights can lend a little magic to any setting.

Mimic the stars with solar-powered twinkle lights strewn around your campsite. You can get waterproof paper lanterns, colorful lights, or a simple string that twinkles.

Make sure that your lights are made explicitly for the outdoors and are water-resistant. Hang them on the border of your campsite but not too close to food or the entrance of your tent, so that they don’t attract bugs.

The waterproof and USB-powered Luminoodle is a campground favorite.

5. Wine Stand

You don’t have to pour your wine into a coffee mug, just because you’re camping. Bring your stemware and keep them upright with one of these wine tables that stick into the ground. Necessary? Nope. But we’re still into it.

6. Nesting Champagne Flutes

If you’re going to bring champagne flutes (why not?) you should bring champagne flues that collapse for convenient packing. Celebrate yourself. Toast to mother nature. Then securely stow them in your backpack. These nesting champagne flutes from GSI Outdoors are the perfect touch of campground class.

7. Extra Comfy Slip-ons

Having practical footwear is important when we’re hiking. Boots or sneakers are often the active camper’s shoes of choice, but your feet might crave something different after all that daytime activity.  OOFOS makes a range of slip-on shoes that are like wearable foot massages. They take pressure off your feet and back, so you can recover from your day and hit the trail feeling refreshed in the morning. They’re easy to slip on and off, so they’ll also make that middle of the night bathroom trip a lot more convenient.

8. A Welcome Mat for Your Tent

A welcome mat signifies that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, and keeps dirt and dust from entering your mini-refuge. Pick a fun design to show off your personality with your tent home.

9. Stylish Coffee Cups

This reusable, glass coffee cup isn’t just adorable. It’s also an environmentally-friendly way to fill up on coffee on your way to the campground — without those pesky, throwaway cups — and enjoy another cup around the campfire the next morning. The glass coffee cups from Joco come in a bunch of fun colors, so you and your camping friends won’t get them mixed up. And the non-porous glass keeps your coffee tasting just like coffee, and nothing else. They’re available through the Roanline Marketplace for just $27!

10. Foldable Rocking Chairs

You could sit on a log. Or you could sit on one of these portable outdoor rocking chairs. A little rocking motion is just the thing for getting comfy and winding down around the campfire.

Wherever you bring your cozy camping accessories, don’t forget to review your campground on The Dyrt

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