You’ve heard of the spork. And you probably have a collection of plastic bottles for travel toiletries. But humangear has put their own spin on these products and more — and they’re the perfect camping dishes and utensils for any adventure.

humangear’s line of camping products are designed to go from the kitchen to the bathroom (not in that order). Depending on your needs, humangear products can be used for almost anything: shampoo or ranch dressing, toothpaste or mustard.

And their spork alternative? It’s made to last a lifetime.

We caught up with humangear at Outdoor Retailer to get the low-down on a few of their camping products.

humangear Camping Dishes and Utensils at Outdoor Retailer

The Dyrt Ranger Dan B. joined us at Outdoor Retailer to learn more about our partners and their products. Jordan from humangear told us a little bit more about their proprietary Nylon blended GoBite utensils which are sturdier than the traditional spork. And with a lifetime warranty, it’s “The last spork you’ll ever need,” Jordan told us.

Their line of environmentally-friendly and sustainable products includes the Flexibowl, a silicone bowl created with a glossy, wipe clean interior. You can fold the bowl at the crease to make the bowl smaller or easier to drink out of if you’re making soup.

Finally, their beloved, and new-and-improved GoToob+ takes all the aspects we loved about the GoToob and upgraded them. Now with a patent-pending loop lock, you can attach the bottle to your backpack and know that even Murphy’s Law can’t touch you! The lid lock ensures the already airtight container won’t leak any of your precious liquids while you traverse ridge lines and reel in bass.

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