For most of human history, you had three options when you went outside: either you kept all five senses attuned to what was going on around you, you sang out loud or played instruments if you wanted music in the great outdoors, or (in very recent history) you put headphones in your ears and savored some high fidelity at the expense of situational awareness.

Now there’s a fourth option: listen to music that isn’t your own off-key mountain warbling while also keeping your ears open to whatever else is going on.

Sarah Smith, founder of The Dyrt, caught up with Aftershokz at Outdoor Retailer 2018 and had a chance to talk with them about what makes their sport headphones stand out from the pack.

New Canyon Red Headphones from Aftershokz

According to Aryal of Aftershokz, the way these headphones leave your ears open and instead conduct sound through the bones of your face gives you the best of both worlds. She says they are “super great if you’re outside, camping, trail running, hiking, because you are able to be in tune with your surroundings. Being in touch with where you are.”

Afterzhokz just released a new color to the already outdoorsy palette of Trekz Air headphones. In addition to Slate Grey, Forest Green, and Midnight Blue, you can now also get Canyon Red headphones from Aftershokz.

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Meghan O'Dea

Meghan O'Dea

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