Some people enjoy the satisfaction of facing extremes, whether it’s tent camping in the dead of winter or cowboy camping without a tent at all. Others know that “roughing it” is highly over-rated, and there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable when you camp.

For the latter group, allow me to introduce a level of warmth and comfort you didn’t know you needed while camping.

The Cozee Battery-Heated Blanket is Perfect for Cold Night at the Campground

woman faces friend in wheelchair with excited expression on her face as they share a heated blanket in front of campfire

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How many times have you found yourself freezing in the middle of the night while camping? Even in the summer, those forested campgrounds always seem to be in a micro-climate of their own.

The Cozee battery-heated blanket could put an end to those middle-of-the-night shivers.

Traditional heated blankets require you to be plugged into an outlet. But Life Giving Warmth’s Cozee is a battery powered heated blanket, which means you can wrap yourself up at the campfire or in your tent and enjoy the kind of warmth that no sleeping bag can really provide.

The Cozee is equipped with five hours of power, a micro-plush side for comfort, and a water-resistant side for durability in the outdoors.

With two USB ports, you can even use the battery to charge your cell phone while you’re warming up.

After going viral this summer and selling out, Life Giving Warmth has restocked their popular Cozee blanket with a lower price and better features. Follow the link below to find out more!

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Britany Robinson

Britany Robinson

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