We traveled to Colorado earlier this year, to check out all the latest and greatest gear at Outdoor Retailer. I was particularly excited to check out Boost Oxygen. Reviews from The Dyrt rangers who have tested out the canned oxygen have been stellar. But it still seems strange, doesn’t it? Breathing oxygen out of a can?

Some Colorado friends of mine invited me to go mountain biking at Rampart Reservoir, just outside of Denver. It was the perfect opportunity to test it out myself. After all, there’s a massive 8,000 foot elevation difference between Portland and Rampart. I hoped Boost would help me get the most out of our ride.

Testing Boost Oxygen at Elevation

Kevin shows off his new can of Boost Oxygen. This can of Boost Oxygen was purchased at a local Big 5 sports store.

I swung by a Big 5, a sporting goods store that I heard stocked Boost, on our way to the trail. Out of curiosity, I asked the cashier how often they were selling them and she said, “we sell a few every single day.” I was totally intrigued now.

Even just getting started on the bike, I got a little winded. So I tested out my Boost. It gave me the energy to power ahead of my friends, and really push myself, even at elevation.

Because I was able to catch my breath, I was able to focus on the beautiful ride and keep my head in the game.

It's easy to keep a can of Boost Oxygen with you on your next bike ride.

Later, back at Outdoor Retailer, I met up with the Boost team. They told me that Boost was about to launch a new medium-sized can in addition to the large size for long trips and the pocket size for short outings like jogs or bike rides.

Boost Oxygen will help you find the balance in your adventures.

The pocket version of Boost contains 2 liters of oxygen, which gives you up to 30 one-second inhalations. And because oxygen is weightless, the can is only 1 oz. The brand new medium can holds 5 liters and over 100 one-second inhalations, and it’s still small enough to fit in your jacket pocket. That’s way less than the water bottle you’ve got strapped to the down tube.

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 Boost Oxygen Reviews from The Dyrt Rangers

You don’t have to take my word for it. (But seriously — this stuff is great.)

The Dyrt rangers have taken cans of Boost Oxygen all over the country. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“While hiking up these steep trails and feeling winded… we stop to take a break (a normal break for us would late 2-5 minutes in order to catch our breath and let our muscles take a break). This time around we would pull out our Boost Oxygen and inhale 2-3 slow deep breaths. Within seconds we would feel rejuvenated.” — The Dyrt Ranger Brittany F. 

“Where the product really shined, however, was on our hike up to the Deadfall Lakes. The trailhead began at 6,200 feet or so, our destination of Middle Deadfall Lake was at about 7,200-7,300 feet of elevation, depending on which map you are looking at. After gaining ~1,000 feet in elevation in a little over a mile, while hiking through meadows, stream crossings, and ultimately snow, in 35* weather, a couple pulls off of the oxygen canister was welcome relief. There is no lightheaded feeling, you just notice you are no longer panting or breathing all that heavy.” — The Dyrt Ranger Darin D. 

“As someone who frequently falls ill with altitude sickness, I did not think High Sierra hiking would be in the cards for me. However, when I got the chance as a Ranger for The Dyrt to test Boost Oxygen, I thought it was time to try out high elevation hiking and some portable O2. I used my canister of Boost Oxygen intermittently throughout a multi-day trek across Yosemite at times when I was feeling unnecessarily fatigued, lightheaded or short of breath and found relief every time. Without having to worry about the approach of an impending headache or having to take multiple breaks just to breath, my hikes were that much more enjoyable.” — The Dyrt Ranger Anna C.

Boost Oxygen really made a big difference on my mountain bike ride in Colorado. Check it out for yourself to see the difference a little extra oxygen can make.

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