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Moreno Valley, CA

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My life wouldn't be complete without the birds and the bees, and can't forget the trees!

Great back-country, drive up, campground

We loved this campground. We enjoyed the size and feel of the campground. Well, every campground has ups and downs. This one literally has slopes. Hahah some sites were more slope-y than others, but most had a flat spot for a tent in for the picnic bench. We stayed in camp spot number 24 and it had a nice secluded feel to it. After walking around the entire campground well most spots were very nice. We did find that the spots in the center lacked privacy. And the spots to the East/backside of the campground were our least favorites. (#10, #16 especially wouldn’t recommend). We did find that spot to the west were the best ones for the most part . If you’re camping in a group numbers, 6,7,8,9 were nice as well as 22,23,24! There were a couple sites that you did have to walk through/near the other camp spot to get to it. I.e. Sites number seven and eight, as well as number 19 and 20, and 22 and 23.

Parking is a little funky, some of the closer camp spots, the parking was together. They each have their own spot, but you couldn’t fit more than one car. I would say that the center spots offered better dual parking if needed.

Final note: dogs do need to be on a leash in the campground, you will see my pup in the photo off leash because there was no one there at that time!

Great but busy

Loved that it was dispersed camping. You can see where the normal " spots" are. I would say that there is limited spots, but really you can camp any where since its dispersed. 
The normal "spots" are bare, and just up against the canyon walls in order to get the most shade. 

Painted canyon / Ladder canyon is fun to explore. I would love to go back and explore further into the other canyons but we were not prepared for that. 

Watch the corners when driving/ walking on the road- some people drive quick around the blind corners.

AWD recommend in the least to get all the way to the trail head. There are some really sand spots, but saw smaller cars ( corollas/civic etc) along the road - just don't stop in the sandy areas..

I didn't grab a lot of photos but here are a few of the campsite and a few of ladder canyon!

Ranger Review: the Firebiner from Outdoor Element at Dry Lake BP Campground

Campground Review: 

I want to start out by saying this is a backcountry, backpacking campground. Only accessible by foot. This is a heavily used campground by many backpackers not only trying to get away for an overnight, but also get a shot at summiting Southern California's tallest mountain, San Gorgonio. This campground is accessible via the South Fork trailhead off of Jenks Lake Road W. There is an established parking lot and you must have a day pass or an adventure pass to park.(You can get the day pass at Mill Creek Ranger Station before coming up the mountain!!) 

Once you start on the trail it is 5.1 miles with 2,200' of elevation gain to get to the base of the' lake'. Don't let the name fool you because there is only a lake currently due to the wet season we had out here. It is drying up quickly as to fall back into its usual place with its name! At the base of the lake opening, you head left for less than a quarter mile. The whole camping area is heavily treed, but you will see the flatten, bare spots sporadically throughout the area within the campground'limits'. We headed back to the back of the area as most of the established'sites' were taken. We found a spot that had 2 perfect'sites' for our group. We had a late hike in by choice so you will see in the photos the early morning set up we had as were just hanging around.

 The area is just beautiful and I never have any complaints. Though the campground was pretty much full, we still felt seculded since the grouped 'sites' were spread apart. You will see in the background of my site video, people standing around there areas. I love this campground for its accessibility and beauty. Completely worth it for an overnight trip! 

Product Review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time- today I had the awesome opportunity to test the Firebiner  by Outdoor Element.

I am an avid backpacker and as so there are a few things that I love when it comes to gear. Multifunctional, light weight, and simplicity. All these items were checked-off my list when I received the Firebiner to review. At first glance this just looked like a typical carabiner, but when you really get into the looking at this Firebiner, you know that this is something unique. I was really excited to take this over the weekend to try it out. For our hike in to the campground I used it to attach my solar lantern to my pack and it held up, with no issues. Once at camp I transferred that set-up from my pack to the inside of the tent while we got ready for bed. In the morning I was able to test out the features a bit more. I played with the gate mechanism by just flicking it open with my thumb multiple times and I will say that is the only feature I wish was more heavy-duty. It closes properly, but just feels a tad weak. However, it did still complete its intended job of holding on to whatever I clip it to with no failures. I will cut it some slack because I know for a light weight biner it isn't going to be a thick/heavy gate that’s going to snap close in the speed of light. Isn't like I am going to be repelling off of it either. After its main feature comes the spark wheel! The firestarter and key appeal to me about this piece of equipment. I used it to light my Jetboil and it only took one flick for it to ignite the flame. Take a look at the videos included to see how quick and easy it was. This is priceless to me because at high alltitudes, the Jetboil’s normal ignitor has troubles. It is a peace of mind knowing that included in my normal piece of gear (carabiner), I have a fire starter no matter what. On top of that, you don't have to worry about the ferro rod dying out because it is replaceable! Instead of having to rebuy the entire firebiner, you can just replace the inside ferro rod and keep on sparkin'. When you purchase the finebiner, it includes two replacements! Its next feature that it includes is a tiny stainless steel blade along the spine of it that you can use to cut anything around camp that. I would see this especially hand if you fish to cut a quick line! Next feature is at the top of the spine you see a flatten edge. This is a screwdriver tip! Always a handy item to have. Between the screwdriver tip and the stainless steel blade you get a bonus feature… a bottle opener! I mean, no one can argue about this not being a great add-on! Last feature that makes this product to great in my eyes it’s the key-holes that the very bottom. There is a spot to attach your key ring without the fear of losing your keys when using the carabiner portion! 

To make this simpler for you here is a breakdown of the pros and cons I saw while testing out this product! 


  • Gate closes 'softly' 


  • Light weight

  • Multifunctional

  • Simple 

  • Fire starter/ spark wheel

  • Screwdriver tip

  • Stainless steel blade 

  • Bottle opener

  • Replaceable ferro rod

  • Designated spot for a key ring

    Conclusion: I definitely recommend this product for just about anyone! It's is a handy tool that is multifunctional and light weight so there is no reason to not have this in your gear list! Thank you Outdoor Element  for this awesome product!

Beautiful Get-Away

I was really excited to head out to this campground/ site because it was a close drive from my home, but far enough away to get up in the mountains.

My sister, her 3 kids, and 2 dogs jumped into the car and headed out towards Idyllwild, CA. Though this is techincally condisdered Pine Cove, CA, it is only about a 10 min drive away from the adorable town of Idyllwild! The campsite had room for 1 car, and was allotted 8 people. A long picnic table and a campfire ring with a grill opition! We set up a hammock in the front, a slack line on the side, and a dog run behind our campsite! We took the kids on the nature walk and they loved it! Big brother read the signs about the pine cones to his little sisters! We went into town as well and bought a big bundle of local fire wood at Mountain Mike's off Cicle Dr. for only $10. ( The best firewood ever ) We mostly just hung out at the campsite for the kids to run around and be kids! They made some friends with some neighbor campers, so all 5 kids ran around having the time of their lives!



  • Close to Idyllwild
  • Clean site(s)
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Camp hosts were very nice
  • Fire rings w/ grill
  • Picnic Table
  • Non potable water faucets
  • Privacy between sites on the back side ( where we stayed )
  • Hiking trials out of the campground
  • Nature walk off the campground
  • Dumpsters for trash


  • No bear bins ( but there was not too much of a warning for the bears there )
  • The bees ( the ones that like your food )
Ranger Review: Body Glove at Guitar Lake Backcountry Campground

Campground Review:

If you find yourself in the Crabtree Meadow area due to section hiking, or maybe summiting the ever famous Mt. Whitney, this is the campground I suggest you stay at!

Guitar Lake is a beautiful spot to stay at no matter which spot you pick! Since this is bac country, you really get to pick any spot you see suitable as long as it follows guidelines of 100ft from the trail, 100ft from the water sources and do not set up on the vegetation. It's pretty easy to spot the "normal" spots people stay in. Just walk around a little, you'll find plenty.

We choose to stay on the North side of the lake as we were hiking up from Crabtree Ranger Station / Meadow area. This would make for the best summit the next day of Mt. Whitney. There are no trees in the area as this is above tree line. We were within guidelines, but the water was not a far walk. Plenty of fish swam along the stream that connects to the lake. The water was COLD, but else would you expect for a lake that high up (11,460'). There are marmots, chipmunks, and mice that inhabit this area so make sure all your food is stored per regulation in an approved bear canister!

The quick run down



Plenty of sites


Lake view

Perfect spot for summiting Mt. Whitney


Marmots, mice, and chipmunks are sneaking sometimes

Bonus: Before the sunrises, you can see the headlamps of other hikers making their way up the switch backs!

Product review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time - today I am testing the Body Glove Equalizer Sport Bra in the color Agave- size S. I want to begin with saying that this sports bra blew my expectation out of the water! Being an active woman I have purchased many different brands from many different stores over the years. Some were better than others and most would suffice. This sports bra couldn’t have come my way at a better time for I was about to go on a 3 week backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevada. I chose for the Body Glove Equalizer Sports Bra to be the ONLY bra I’d be carrying with me to take it on the ultimate test. Normally I would break down reviews into pros and cons, but in my opinion, this bra didn’t reveal any down sides!

Quality: This bra was made with a blend of nylon and spandex. It also had two removal cups, to which I decided to remove. It did not change the support in an way. It has a netting type mesh in the razor back that also lines the inside of the front. I did not experience any loose stitching. While taking on and off I never heard a 'rip' sound that most sports bras make. The sound of money down the drain as your stitching just ripped. Though I wore this bra for 20 straight days, never once did it make that 'rip' sound. Another quality feature I was impressed with was the fact that I didn't have a single rubbed-raw spot like all the other sports bra's I own. Typically after wearing my normal sports bras all day, I'd end up with a raw, red spot on my rib-cage. With the Equalizer and after long hours, sleeping in it, and wearing it into the next day, and the next day for that matter.. I didn't have a single sensitive spot from it! Lets just say on a 3 week backpacking trip, you are extra thankful for that!

Sizing: I am typically a 32B in a normal bra size and I choose a small based off their sizing charts. I was a little nervous to go through with purchasing a small because I normally wear a medium on my top half. Thankfully though Body Gloves sizing charts are spot on! A medium would have been too big! The small was perfect, not tight to leave marks, but taught to be supportive.

Washing: Being on the trail for weeks you have to wash and wear your items. Like I said above, this was the only bra I brought with me. I was so thankfully for the nylon/spandex blend for being a quick dry material! Mind you I washed the bra only about 3 times in the 20 days so I was impressed when even after the long days of hiking 12-15 miles, this bra never gave off any sort of smell. It never itched. It never became uncomfortable.

Summary: This is the best sports bra I have ever had the privilege of wearing! I recommend it 10/10.

Ranger Review: New Medium Size Natural Boost Oxygen at Red Rocks Campground, NV

Climbers galore or maybe just seeing the sights, Red Rocks and its campground is a sight to see.

Campground Review:

Red Rocks Campground in the cold season is rock climbers heaven! Jeremy and I decided to visit Red Rocks Conservation Area to go, you guessed it, rock climbing. This would be our first visit to this area so after seaching the area for campgrounds on [the dyrt](http://the dyrt ) we came across this one. We knew we would be testing our luck with camping with it being New Years Weekend with limited availability. However, we were able to ask somoene that was leaving if we could sneak in behind them. He was a climber and was super kind. Let us pull into the campspot right then and there a few hours before he planned on leaving. Everyone in the campground, aka the climbing comunity, is super kind and outgoing. The vibe during this season is a laid back yet pumped up.

Bathrooms were clean for them being drop toliets. Had a solar light in them which was a nice change for those types of bathrooms. They stayed well stocked thanks to the camp hosts. Just outside the bathrooms was running water with drinking water.

The campsites were set up amazingly! Most sites, like ours, had a patio cover, which was paired with a metal picnic table. A fire ring was set up with a grill on it as well as two benches to be able to sit at the fire. There was a seperate grill if you choose to make food that way. Just past that was the "tent pad". Since this is rocky terrain they set up what almost looks like a litter box of sand for your tents to be set up, rock free! Each site accomidates up to 2 cars and however many tents you can squeeze into the tent pad.

For everything you get at this site it is only $15 a night for each campsite. They are first come first serve. There is an RV section seperate to the rest of the campground, we did not see pricing or the sites for these because they are down in another section. They also offer "walk-up" sites. You park and can set up in a more condensed area that is strictly for tents. There are a lots of options for this campground!

Product Review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time - today I am testing Boost Oxygen! Our whole reason to going for Red Rocks was to go rock climbing! An amazing place to test out Boost Oxygen's new medium size as well as the grapefruit flavored one.

We took the medium size natural flavor with us the first day out on the rocks. It was the perfect size to throw into our packed down climbing bag and gear. Packing for a day out on the rocks requires climbing gear ( harness, chalk, rope, grigri, quickdraws, and sometimes more), snack, water, and of course my Boost Oxygen.

Following the new perfect size, the mouth piece has been condensed from large size. Upon using it for the first time I immediately fel in love with the smaller mouth size. It still cups your entire mouth, but it has a snug fit. When breathing in I felt like I was getting every molecule of the oxygen. Though I will say, Jeremy still enjoys the bigger size!

The second day we used the grapefruit flavored one for the first time. I was hesitant on this flavor just because it seemed a little different compared to the other flavors offered. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't overly citrus-y, but rather light and complimentary.

Coming down and off the wall it was nice to grab my Boost Grapefruit and just take a few deep breathe with it and feel back at 100% to be able to jump back on the wall. It helped me relax my pumped muscles and focus on my next climb ahead of me.

I always recommend Boost Oxygen to anyone that is looking to push there limits to the next high. Boost gives you that umf that you need to get to the next level in your athletic lifestyle.

Ranger Review: TredAgain Sandals at Baker Creek Campground in Big Pine, CA

Campground Review:

Baker Creek Campground at first glance was a small campground when just booking it online. Not too many photos or information about it other than bathroom, trash cans, fire rings etc. We showed up around 6 A.M. when it was still dark in the campground. I knew the general area of the campsite, so we drove around with only head lights to guide us. We ended up essentially drive through campsite 33 I believe it was, to get to our campsite 34. So that particular step up was a little different. We we stepped out of the car we could hear a stream on both sides of us, ahhhh we made it. The sound of the stream was lovely. We set up camp and knocked out for a few hours. Waking up in the sunlight was an experience because it was pitch black when we showed up; past our two stream, we hadn't known what was surrounding us. Upon waking up we could see there was a trash can and restroom not too far away. On our West side past the creek was a small hill. To the east on the other side of the stream there was two other campsite. There was rocks in the stream so you could cross with ease. It also helped with the serenity of the stream sound. We went hiking to Big Pine lakes that day. When we returned 5.5 hours later, everything was as we left it, but we had gained some neighbors. It was a little weird that we now had to drive through an occupied campsite to get through to ours, but there was plenty of space to do so. Also, across the stream we gain a gentleman and his dog. This site was a little overgrown and the whole campground itself was a little malnourished. Before leaving the following day we drove through the entire campground to find it was much bigger than we anticipated. There were ponds for fishing and the stream ran through the entire campground. There were spots for RVs. Car/ tent. There was a option for tent/walk-up too. Seems like a pretty popular campground despite its appearance.

Overall we would love to camp there again!

Here is a summary of the campground:


Restrooms (pit)


Fishing option ( no we didn't fish )

Fire rings w/ grills or it had separated grill

lots of options for camping ( i.e rv/ tent/ car)

lots of options for site sizes/ tree coverage- no coverage

only $14.00 a night

open all year round

Location ( just a block over from Glacier Lodge Rd. for many good hikes )


Grungy appearance

Sites not well maintained

Can only reserve online at

Product Review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time - today I am testing TredAgain's Sandals!

These TredAgain Sandals were one's I have been looking forward to reviewing. This is the first time they have come camping with me, but I've been using them daily. First of all, I would like to say that while shopping for them that I really enjoyed they had a selection of colors to choose from, but I am a simple gal so black was the way to go. Second of all, I respect and love what TredAgain is doing as a company for the Earth as a shoe-wear company. Recycling, or as they call it up-cycling , old tires into durable footwear! It speaks to my love for the environment!

Though it was chilly outside this weekend I still rocked my TredAgain's around camp with my stylish sock! They were perfect to walk across the rocks to get the restroom. Since the sandal is the rubber material, I didn't have a doubt skipping across the rocks! Sitting by the fire, they never over heated like some shoes will so that was enjoyable to get the heat from the fire and not have to worry about my sandals. I know I will be taking these sandals on more adventures with me in the future!



Stream line design

Traction on outdoor surfaces

Color selection

The material strap


Being able to quickly wash them up

The fact they are up-cylced

They make more than just sandals.


Only available online , to what I've seen/read

They do squeak a little when wet

The most beautiful campground!

This campground is located just around the corner from the permit required sign. There is a lovely creek that lead to a waterfall that some repel down. The campground is up the right of the trail. Nice dirt flat spots within the trees, looking down at the trail. This is a good base camp for the summit. You are a good distance from the trail so it doesn't seem to be a bother as far as noise. If you hike down to the creek and head South, that is where you will find the end of the waterfall. Becaful here though for I have seen a rattle snake not to far from the camp!

The sound of water

The sound of the water is the best part of this campground in my eyes. As well as it is a great place to stay as a overnight to break up a summit trip. The spots at this site are far and wide it seems. There is one really good site mostly dirt, no rocks, defined well, but it is right off the trail. So I'm sure you can guess there is no privacy nor silence. This campground is one of the most popular out of the 4 on this trail! You have to get your permit early in the summer season because of that!

There are more sites as you hike back, but it seems to be more rocky the further back you go.

This has a creek right next to it so that part is wonderful!

Ranger Review: Boost Oxygen at Vivian Creek Summit Camp, CA

Campground Review:

This camp is just as it states. Summit camp. The summit of San Gorgonio! The tallest mountain in Southern California. This camp is very minimal; it sits just under 11,501 ft. These are not your typical campsite either. Each "site" is a little rock "hotel" to act as a barrier between you and the wind that is blowing more times than not, up to 40+ mph. In the center of each hotel is mostly just a sandy dirt which was nice. Only needed to moved maybe 2 little rocks before setting up the tent. It was nice to not have to worry about it since the tent I own does not have tarped bottom, and someone… me… forgot the footprint for it. So I wasn't worried in the slightly setting up my tent, where as normally I would have scoured the ground before setting it up. There are 4 sites to the North side of the summit. This is where we choose to stayed because we made friends with two groups that were camping at the summit as well. These 4 sites over look Joshua Tree, Crestline area, and Big Bear Lake. To the East of the summit about 75 feet there are about 4 more rock hotels. The view on these are spectacular! You can see Joshua Tree, San Jacinto Mountain, Palm Springs, Moreno Valley/Perris, Rancho Cucamonga, and further on a clear day. ( Side Note: Southern California has had a lot of fires recently, so visibility was not the best. But it is said, on a very clear day from the summit, you can see Mt. Whitney! Best believe I was still looking when I was there too! ). We were lucky enough to have a beautiful, clear, not-windy night and morning. Just out of my tent I could see the sun rising. We made our way completely out of the tent to just sit in silence and enjoy the breath taking sunrise! I give this campground a 5 out of 5 stars due to views and how well the rock hotels have formed over the year and didn't need any upkeep to keep us comfortable!

Please note the last water source is about 3-4 miles below at High Creek Campground. Water does need to be filtered!


**** Product Review ****

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get to test products. At this campground as well as on my way up to this campground, I tested Boost Oxygen . As an avid hiker I was excited to take the up to the tallest peak in Southern California

Background on our trip:

We used this on Vivian Creek Trail up to the summit of San Gorgonio. While hiking up 5,840 ft in just under 9 miles ending at 11,501 ft we used Boost Oxygen to help fuel us up the steep terrain and get us to the top of San G! We tested on this trip the Tasteless Oxygen 22 oz. can.

Some things we loved about Boost Oxygen

  1. Cutting my breaks by more than half. There are more than few steep sections of this hike that are difficult for even the most seasoned hiker out there. While hiking up these steep trails would get winded, per usual, we stop to take a break (a normal break for us would late 2-5 minutes in order to catch our breath and let our muscles take a break). This time around we would pull out our Boost Oxygen and inhale 2-3 slow deep breaths.With in seconds we would feel rejuvenated. Our breathing was back to normal and with our bodies getting almost straight oxygen it felt like it went straight to our muscles, they would instantly feel revived and ready to keep trekking up the mountain. That would allow us to be on our way in just under 45 seconds of stopping! When on a long trail that you have a time limit, it was extraordinary to know that we were making even better timing than normal by cutting our break by more than half by just using Boost.
  2. How much is really in the 22 oz can? Well we put this to the test. Climbing to the summit, my boyfriend and myself ( to which I have referred to as we ), we did not skimp on using the oxygen because we really wanted to know how much could be contained in the can that weighed almost nothing. The answer to that; more than enough!We did try out Boost Oxygen twice so far and both trips we each shared one can for the whole trip and there was still oxygen left in each can. What I noticed and thought was an added bonus was when it did start getting lower there was a small change in pressure of what would come out when you would squeeze the trigger. However, after you notice that pressure change, there was still enough for 20+ breaths before it was completely out.
  3. I have also tested the Peppermint tasting 22 oz. can on this same trail. I very much enjoyed the peppermint taste in the oxygen. It is very light and fades away pretty quickly. I felt very alert after using the peppermint taste, and just like the tasteless oxygen can, we would feel revived with just a few breaths of Boost. During a long day of hiking this is crucial. Mis-stepping due to tiredness can have a long lasting injury attached to it. So after using boost and feeling refreshed was reassuring to me. I knew I was getting assistance to help me down the mountain safely.

Conclusion of this product. 5 out 5! I recommend this product for any hike. Not just ones up to summits. Hiking is a very strenuous activity and Boost Oxygen is right there to be by your side and assist you in achieving all your hiking accomplishments!

Second stay.

So this is my second trip up to this campground. We decided to stay a little further back for a little more privacy from the trail above. This trip we hiked up in the afternoon to stay at this campground and make our way to the summit the next morning. We stayed up against the slope, opposite of the trail. We hung out in quite because there was no other campers that night. We did have a momma deer and two does in the distance. Then 30 mins later we had another deer friend that just hung around until after we took shelter in the tent. These spots are nice and already cleared. Maybe one or two rocks that needed to be moved, but it was minimal!

Some general Info about permits:

As stated above they are sometimes hard to come by depending on weekends. High creek camp is always most popular and I have never had a problem obtaining a permit for Halfway. You can walk in to Mill Creek Ranger Station to get a permit or you can fax the office a few days in advance to submit for a permit.

Not So halfway camp.

Came up here for the first time in August 2016. It was beautiful and breath taking. We went to hike up to stay at the summit of San Gorgonio, but the whole group was not going to complete it. So from about 10,800 ft we hiked back down to Halfway camp! When we went there was no water flow at this camp. Campfires not allowed. Thankfully we just use our jet boils and some drylite food! There seems to be about 10 spots, but really they are just unmarked flatted, cleared dirt. A few spots have logs to break it up a little. This is pack in- pack out. No bathrooms.

I call this not so halfway camp because you would think that it is half way to the summit, but most definitely is not! This is about 3 miles in to the hike. Lovely little area that drops down off the trail. When you see a sign that points to high creek, basically point straight, that is when you will see right to the right a thin trail that heads down maybe 200 feet and opens up. We camped in the first few flat areas, but exploring further there is many flatten out areas as I mentioned above ** This is a re-review for being mis-placed onto the "San Gorgonio Campground" That review is now deleted and placed correctly here.

Beautiful, versatile park/campground

I grew up around in the area so I have been to this park quite a few times for a few different reasons. It is a very expansive and versatile area. There is a lake that is view able from almost every area. They have camping, horse back riding ( near by that rides through the park), disc golf course, fishing, and events. I have gone to the civil war re-enactment they hold every year. I participated in a 5K mud run. This is on top of visiting to use the disc golf course, have a picnic and go horse back riding via a close by equestrian farm. Its a beautiful park that has many different uses that can fill up your weekend.

Side note:

It does cost about $8-10 to enter the park per vehicle.

I believe the campsite run $40-50 depending on day of week and events and this included hookups.

What a View

Stayed at this campground in 2012. Mind you this was my FIRST real camping trip, I was utterly excited. The trail up to this campground is very rough. there was signs after the kilns for 4x4 only. However, we did see a little car mob up this road, like they had done it before. The road took us to just over 8,000ft elevation. Small campground, but cozy. Drop toilet close by that doesn't get serviced too often because of location. You could see telescope peak and the trail was just off the campground. Campsite had picnic table and a fire ring, thankfully. It was FREEZING when we went. Lets just say I was not prepared for how cold it was going to be. It got down to 12°F and lets just say I had just a "normal" camping sleeping bag. The view down to the valley was gorgeous. We hiked up a little ways.. maybe 3/4 a mile the telescope peak trail, then turned back. We orginally had come up to see something that was happening in the sky that late evening ( 1-2 am-ish), but by 9pm it was too cold to stay up, even with a fire going.

The campground was about 80% full which was surprising since it was pretty solitary out that way.

Free to camp.

First come, First Serve.

Basic .. Expensive

Came in the middle of the night on a colder evening so we could climb in the morning. Slept in the back of my Subie. Bathrooms smelled. Sites were pretty well set up, each had a picnic table and a fire ring that was blocked ( when we went) from the fire restrictions. For almost $30 a night, I would have expected a little more. Its a campground close to the climbing area. Nothing fancy, nothing horrible.

Family campground

Clean bathrooms when I visited. Enjoyed rock climbing and hiking in the area!

Nice little Campground

Nice little campground, bathrooms were to be as to be expected with no camp host. aka a few spider webs; however, they did not smell and were stocked with toilet paper. Was really cold and snowy. First come first serve when we went. Bear lockers and picnic tables and fire rings!

Color Run

Didn't actually camp, but did run through the campground when they held a color run. Seems like a nice campground for a quick get away or just a day at the park for a family BBQ. There was one or two water features, a big field, a close by kids park.

Adorable campground

This is a backpackers campground. First come first serve, picnic tables and fire rings included. I think there is only about 8-10 sites. Nice creek flows though the campground. No bathrooms beautiful hike in. Close to the camp that's up there

Nice location

Conveniently located within walking distance of a lot of different places. Beautiful campground. Only enough parking for one car per a spot. Decent bathrooms. We stayed here so we didn't have to stay at a expensive hotel for the Spartan race championships!