The 1 bike phone holder to rule them all.

Delta Phone Mount

Delta Smartphone Holder Phone Mount

The Delta Smartphone Holder easily clips over your existing phone case.

You’re a modern tech warrior. You ride your bike to work, and even if you hate to admit it, sometimes you need google maps to help get you there. Or maybe panic rises when your phone isn’t in full view. We get it, and so do the folks at Delta. That’s why they’re working to make the best phone mount you and your bike have ever seen.

Their extendable Smartphone Holder installs easily, and the best part? You can leave your Lifeproof case (or any other case for that matter) on. That’s welcome news for those of us who spend more time picking our phones off the ground than having them in our hands. While Otterbox cases won’t fit in the standard phone mount, Delta created an XL Smartphone Holder to accommodate.

Whether you like to have your phone angled up, down, sideways, or flat, the adjustable viewing angle allows for any position your heart desires. And don’t worry about those storm clouds. Each phone mount comes with a waterproof case for less-than-excellent conditions. While the case isn’t the most visually stunning on the market, it’s the best answer to the question: Where do I put my phone while biking? Setting your phone between the spring-loaded mount takes less than a second. So quit worrying about your phone falling out of your pocket, and snap it into the Delta Smartphone Holder.

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Check out this video for a demo:

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