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More access, less hassle. That’s what Rocky Mounts BackStage Swing Away Bike Rack is all about.

Rocky Mounts BackStage Swing Away Bike Rack

Bike hitch racks are pretty awesome for their aerodynamic qualities. Easy to load and unload, these racks are ideal for anyone not wanting to lift their mountain bikes high overhead. However, standard hitch racks make it impossible to access the trunk of any vehicle. When the first swing away bike rack hit the market, cyclists everywhere rejoiced! But some still limited access, with handle bars often getting in the way. Rocky Mounts changed that.

With a cantilevered arm swinging out 42″, access couldn’t be easier. Not only did they test the rack on standard SUV’s, but also RV’s, Chevy Suburbans, and best of all, Sprinter Vans. Now you can make those #vanlife dreams come true without sacrificing bike storage. The two-tray rack handles well on and off-road, and if you’re flying solo, you can easily detach the second tray and leave it at home.

Based in Colorado, this company understands the importance of getting out with limited hassles. They want you to stop spending time crawling over the back seat to grab your helmet, shoes, and chamois, so you can spend more time on the saddle.

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