It’s easy to imagine a tent in a forest or pitched on a beach. But a tent in an art museum?

Tentsile is a tent company that’s smashing expectations for how a tent should look and function. This year, their innovative design has earned them the German Design Award, the Edison Award, and the ISPO 2017. To top it off, the the award-winning tent is now featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, where you can purchase their Stingray Tree Tent.

This portable tree house design has turned camping into an artistic experience.

Camping Above The Ground with an Award-Winning Tent

Tentsile tree tents are lifted off the ground by three anchor points. Users secure their tent to three trees, or whatever grounded points are available, tighten the straps, and their shelter is securely suspended above the floor. For particularly adventurous campers, Tentsile tree tents can be suspended WAY above the floor; over churning waterfalls or steep canyons.

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This elevated approach to camping keeps you away from insects and animals that might sneak around your site at night. And it’ll save you the inevitable back pain of pitching your tent on a rock.

The Tentsile tree tents are beautifully designed. But when you’re heading out to the woods, you probably don’t care if MoMa thinks your tent is cool. You just want it to work. Tentsile and fellow design-focused brands (like Klymit) are proving that innovative design doesn’t just look cool — it changes the camping experience. The tree tent combines the comfort of a hammock with the protection of a traditional tent. Tentsile is designing for the future of camping, today — and the future looks comfy!

Watch Tentsile in Action:

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