In a press release, Yellowstone National Park rangers have announced they are increasing fire danger level as a result of current environmental fire risks as well as a new wildfire activity within the park. Current and soon-to-be visitors to the park are warned to follow best practices for fire safety while in the park.

New Wildfires Reported in Yellowstone National Park; Fire Danger Elevated

Yellowstone National Park's Fire Danger warning sign

Yellowstone National Park’s fire danger reached “High” this week.

Yellowstone’s elevated fire danger warnings come after active monitoring of the newly-discovered Carnelian Fire, as well as the Pollux Fire that started in early August, 2019; both fires were reportedly caused by lightning strikes to wilderness areas. According to the press release, there are no fire restrictions currently in place in the park, as well as no area, campsite, or trail closures at this time.

The Carnelian Fire brings Yellowstone’s 2019 fire season up to six fires between mid-July and mid-August. While any fire poses a threat to a natural area like Yellowstone, the region surrounding the park is a fire-adapted ecosystem, meaning fire plays an important role in maintaining the health of this area’s wildlife habitat and vegetation.

Yellowstone National Park maintains an updated fire activity monitor online, where visitors can check daily for changes, warnings and closures in the park as a result of fires. Campers play a large role in preventing wildfires in protected areas. With much of America experiencing end-of-summer dry conditions, it is as important as ever to stay aware of how to prevent forest fires while camping.

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

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