The adventures to be had in Colorado are truly endless. From the Rocky Mountains to the Arkansas River, there is just so much to see and to do.

If you’re looking to experience the splendor of nature, the thrill of outdoor sports, and the great variety that Colorado has to offer, check out these adventure companies that are making this colorful state even more fun for everyone.

These Companies are Leading Adventure Travel in Colorado

Get outside and make some memories with one of these leading adventure travel companies…

1. Arkansas River Tours

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Don’t just see the Arkansas River — get in it! Arkansas River Tours offers everything from family float trips to multi-day rapid-filled adventurers. They also lead fly-fishing trips, for those looking for a more relaxing approach to the water.

2. Play Dirty ATV Tours

Cover more ground than you ever could in your hiking boots with a thrilling ATV ride. Veteran-owned Play Dirty is one of the only companies around that works with its riders to create completely customizable tours. How cool is that?

3. Apex Mountain School

Whether you prefer scaling rock or ice, Apex Mountain School has a course and a climbing adventure for you. Learn from instructors who call the Rockies their playground in either group classes or private excursions. Leave your fear of heights at home!

4. Singletrack Explorers

If running is more your thing, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the experienced endurance runners at Singletrack Explorers. The company holds 3-day camps throughout the summer for top-level runners looking to test their boundaries of elevation gain/loss and experience the Colorado Rockies at new heights.

5. Sombrero Ranches

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Enjoy unspoiled views of Rocky Mountain National Park the old-fashioned way — on horseback!  Sombrero Ranches operates a number of tours, ranging from 2-hour jaunts to full-day excursions, all conveniently located in the Glacier Basin Valley.

Now that you know what to DO in the Rockies, it’s time to figure out where you’ll sleep. You can search for campgrounds around each of these adventures on The Dyrt.


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