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Exploring Virginia Beach at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Despite its namesake, finding a stretch of vacant shoreline in Virginia Beach–home to nearly 450,000 people–can be tough. That’s what the #GetOutAndGO Campaign is all about: bringing to your attention some of the coolest destinations, all closer to home than you might think.

Today we’re taking a look at the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Just a short 20-minute drive from Virginia Beach, Back Bay offers access not only to the swans, geese, and ducks it was established to protect, but also to its 4,500 acres of pristine marshland.

Check out the incredible timelapse sunset starting at 1:47:

Get the bird’s eye view of Back Bay:

And fly above the outer littoral shore in this short clip:

Back Bay National Wildlife refuge is also a critical part of the Atlantic Flyway. As such, it is a prime location for birdwatching.

Watch this American Bittern catching a crayfish at Back Bay Wildlife Refuge:

Back Bay serves as a reminder that no matter where we live, we can always find sanctuary close to home if we are willing to look for it. To celebrate Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Gregory Packs is giving away today’s prize. Comment on their Facebook post linked here to enter.

Tomorrow we’ll be giving away a new prize from a new brand at our next stop.

If you find yourself in Virginia Beach, or are thinking about visiting soon, compare your dates with the migratory patterns of Back Bay’s annual residents to witness some of the most amazing journeys on the planet. Sea Turtle and Tundra Swan presence routinely bookend peak season visits.

Get Out And Explore Virginia

Experience the best of Virginia with Virginia is For Lovers. For more wildlife viewing check out Keptopeke State Park. Just north of Back Bay, it offers recreational access to the Chesapeake Bay–access that is restricted in the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge.

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