It’s day 10 of our 40-day #GetOutAndGO Giveaway, featuring Stone Mountain, GA.

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Hike Stone Mountain near Atlanta, GA.

Stone Mountain Park sets itself apart in that you can either hike to the top or take a gondola to the top.

The park has over a dozen organized attractions, from the cable car rides that suspend you 850 feet in the air to the 5-mile scenic train ride around the base of Stone Mountain.

The park’s location is prime too. Stone Mountain is only 20 miles outside Atlanta and offers awesome views of the city skyline. With seasonal attractions, there’s never been a better time to visit the park than now.

To celebrate Stone Mountain Park, Grand Trunk Goods is giving away a $100 gift card today on their Facebook page.

Learn about the history of Stone Mountain here:

And check out the park from the sky:

In a city as big as Atlanta, it can be tough to find some outside space. Check out Stone Mountain Park next time you need some fresh air.

Get Out And Explore Atlanta, GA!

When you’re done feeding the goats at the Stone Mountain Park’s Farmyard, check out the rest of the really cool things Georgia has to offer. We’re in for the canopy tours and ziplines!

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