★★★★★ | “Incredible sunset views!”

–The Dyrt Reviewer: Shari G

“This island is about a mile west of the south shore of Orcas Island. It is a very popular island to camp on because it can facilitate large groups, so there are often kayaking companies out with their clients.”

Camping in Washington State: Jones Island Marine State Park, WA

“Beautiful morning light”

“The north cove offers many mooring buoys, individual and group camping sites (reservable), as well as a large dock that can accommodate many boats. The south cove has a few mooring buoys, a lot of campsites, and a few Adirondack shelters with 4 bunks (reservable), but no dock.”

Camping in Washington State: Jones Island Marine State Park, WA

“Amazing sunsets”

“We found site 16 on the south side one of the best because it was far away to the east from the rest of the camping area and offered amazing views of the cove and San Juan Chanel, it also had a really short gear schlep because you can pull your boat up really close to the campsite on the eastside of the rock in the middle of the cove. Both North and South camping areas have very well maintained composting toilets and potable water, but no electricity.”

Camping in Washington State: Jones Island Marine State Park, WA

“Gorgeous sites!”

“The west side has the Cascadia Marine Trail sites, which are only for use for people who have paddled or sailed a small boat to the island, this is the most intimate camping area on the island, and offers the best sunset views. This is a great option, if you paddle up and find There are at least 2 campsites here which can accommodate up to 8 people. There is a very well maintained composting toilet but water is about a half mile walk to the other camping areas.”

“Cost: $12 /night”

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