Avalanches are one of the many ways in which nature demonstrates its potentially terrifying power. A beautiful day in the backcountry can turn harrowing, fast. Which is why it’s so important for anyone who spends time in that territory to know exactly what to do when it comes to avalanche survival.

Backcountry Skier Avoids Tragedy Thanks to Knowledgeable Friends’ Avalanche Survival Tips

Three friends thought they were going out for a fun day on the slopes. In an instant, a wall of snow rushed in and one of them disappeared. To Hell in a Heartbeat is a powerful re-enactment that demonstrates just how critical it is to carry the right gear — and to know how to use it. Do you?

For more information on avalanche survival safety, check out Utah Avalanche Center and Know Before You Go

Mike Grill

Mike Grill

Mike takes the "wonderland" in Pacific North Wonderland to heart, having dedicated years to exploring the less-traveled nooks of the Northwest. An avid cyclist and trail guide, Mike is as much at home under a remote Ponderosa Pine as he is in the Brewery Blocks of his native downtown Portland, OR.