Curious about a solar-powered lifestyle on the road? Shari + Hutch are full-time campers living in their canned ham “Hamlet” trailer — and with solar gear company Renogy, they’re bringing you real reviews on the gear that could convert you to a solar camper yourself.

More and more, campers are converting to solar power. As studies show solar energy becoming cost-competitive with gas, RVers and trailer-campers might find the switch easier than ever before.

If you’re hesitant about getting started with solar for camping, fear not. Shari and Hutch have more than seven years of solar experience while living on the road full-time, and they’ve put together a super helpful video series on their experiences powering every kind of situation with their solar rigs.

4 Ways to Set Up Solar For Camping

Whether you’re looking to establish your first camping solar setup, or you’re a seasoned pro interested in new methods, these solar solutions from Renogy’s Solar Ambassadors will help you convert your rig in no time.

1. Solar Power Options for Camper Trailer & Vans

Likely the most common reason to upgrade to solar would be to cut down on fuel costs for camper and RV generators. Here, Shari and Hutch go over their tips for a portable, scaleable solar setup for camper trailers & RVs.

2. Solar Power Options for Group Camping

Whether you want to save money on an expensive group camping trip, or are just tired of needing to share a single portable charger with the rest of your family, Shari and Hutch’s excellent tips to outfit your adventure crew with solar energy will get you there.

3. Solar Solutions for the Trail & Backcountry Camping

These solar savings tips from Shari and Hutch are perfect for serious thru-hikers or backcountry campers looking to bring a small setup with them, with no chance of an electric hookup along the way. Renogy’s E. Power Banks pull heavy duty, and show the ability of reliable, accessible solar in the backcountry.

4. Solar Power Options for Family Campers

If you’re more of a tight-knit-group camper (or even a party-of-one), a solar solution for the frontcountry are your best bet—you might just not know it yet. The Phoenix 100 from Renogy is a lightweight & easy-to-use option for small groups that works wonders at the campsite.

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