Camping by the ocean is a unique experience. The seaside smells, the constant sound of waves crashing into the shore, and the wildlife all combine to make ocean camping well worth it.

One of our favorite ocean campsites is Shi Shi Beach in Olympic National Park, WA.

Kayko S. recently reviewed Shi Shi Beach on The Dyrt in a comprehensive, enthusiastic review:

“The best hike in Beach camping in the State!”

Shi Shi Beach Kayko S

“Warning: Shi Shi Beach is not for everyone.

This is a hike in primitive camping with no amenities other than one pit toilet. But if you fancy yourself a backpacker this is one of the easiest hike in for with the biggest payoff, a stunning beach practically to yourself.

The trail itself isn’t long. It’s only a 4 mile hike to get into the beach. So this is pretty easy for backpackers.

There isn’t a huge incline like most hikes you actually walking on flat ground most of the time then there is a fairly short and steep decent down to the beach.

There is actually a couple rope ties that you can hold it’s so steep the last couple yards. As easy as the hike in is beware its ALWAYS muddy. Yes always.. spring summer and the dead of August. Every time I’ve hiked it the trail has been muddy. The kind of mud that your feet sink into a few inches. (I think it’s actually a light stream that dissipates on the trail) So select your foot ware accordingly and plan your timing accordingly as it’s a bit slower to walk in mud than dry dirt.

Words can’t express how stunning this beach is.

You have the choice of setting up camp in a half dozen camping spots at the base of the trail in the trees or make your own camp out on the beach.

But beware the wind and tides come in so still tuck up against the banks if you hike down the beach to set up camp.

If you walk to the end of the beach there are stunning formations and rocks to admire.

Oh and there are several bald eagle nests along the edge of the beach. You will see more eagles in one weekend then you have in a lifetime. We saw about 10 stunning bald eagles that were flying around camp and even landing on the beach right in front of our tent.”

Despite needing to pack into the campsite, Shi Shi Beach sounds like the epitome of ocean camping. Beyond sand and sea, there are rock formations, bald eagles, and a variety of terrain in which to pitch your tent.

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ProShot Case

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