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On August 21st, the continental United States experienced its first full solar eclipse in 38 years, and boy was it beautiful! Millions of people traveled to be in the line of totality, and to witness that spectacular moment when the moon covered the sun and the daytime sky went dark.

Our friends over at Ledlenser, makers of incredibly bright headlamps and flashlights, are big fans of dark skies. So it’s no surprise that they were geeking out over this celestial phenomenon. They sent us their favorite eclipse photos to share with you…

These Solar Eclipse Photos Are Out of This World

Here are 14 stunning shots of the Great American Solar Eclipse…

1. The sun was a crescent in Palm Coast, Florida

solar eclipse

Image by Brian Ritchie

2. Totality + fishing= perfection

3. A rare image of the ‘diamond ring’ after totality

solar eclipse

Image by Andrew Preble

4. The sun, the moon, and the clouds– a glorious celestial combination

solar eclipse

Image by Bank Phrom 

5. Don’t look down… and don’t look up without glasses!

A post shared by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard) on

6. An ‘eclipse chaser’ nabs the shot of a lifetime in Oregon’s lush Ochoco National Forest

solar eclipse

Image by Steven Coffey

7. A view of the solar eclipse from 35,000 feet

A post shared by Alaska Airlines (@alaskaair) on

8. The path to totality as seen in Casper, Wyoming

9. A jetliner photobombs the solar eclipse

A post shared by @dkirk335 on


 10. NASA gifts us with a progression of the eclipse over Ross Lake in the North Cascades National Park

A post shared by NASA (@nasa) on

11. The sun and the moon converge over one of the Seven Wonders of the World

12. When was the last time you saw bursts of plasma jump off of the sun’s surface?!

A post shared by Jason Porter (@easy_writer) on

13. This shot from Oregon captures the unusual colors cast across the sky.

We’ll have to wait another 7 years for the next full solar eclipse, but in the meantime, Ledlendser has you covered for regularly scheduled darkness. They’re giving away free headlamps right now on The Dyrt!

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