Every week we’re rounding up camping and outdoor news, along with stories you might have missed from The Dyrt Magazine and around the web. This week, we feature a stunning Hume Lake camping review in California. Will you be featured next?

October in the U.S. signals a change in campers’ mentality, as the weather turns cool and crisp. While some are eager for camping among colorful foliage, others mourn the last days of summer.

And then for some, October means one thing: Halloween.

An appreciation for the spooky season means opportunities to add another layer of adventure to your fall camping trips, from visiting Halloween attractions like haunted houses and hay rides, to camping at haunted locations across America.

Looking to freak out your friends at your next campfire? Try these spooky campfire stories.

If we haven’t scared you away, let’s catch up on what you missed from The Dyrt Magazine and around the web this week:

What you Missed from The Dyrt Magazine

  • A popular trail through The Narrows in Zion National Park faced closure from a private landowner posting “No Trespassing” signs on a portion of the trail. Temporary permits are still being issued by the National Park Service through the end of 2018. More information to come.
  • For all you outdoor oenophiles, this collection of wine tours and campgrounds in Southern Oregon offers the best spots to camp and find vino in the Willamette Valley.
  • As the fall brings with it a swell of fashion changes, stay ahead of the curve with these five brands for outdoor-friendly wardrobes. [Ethnotek]
  • What better way to see the changing forest colors than to hike 1,700 miles from the mountains to the sea? Plan your big trip for the fall season with this North Carolina thru-hike. [OOFOS]

Outdoor News + Stories We’re Reading

  • A new report from researchers at the National Park Service finds that National Parks are warming twice as fast as the U.S. overall, a result of the effects of climate change. This is the first comprehensive look at this change in the National Parks. [High Country News]
  • Mountain goats in Olympic National Park are being relocated after park officials discovered they are too thirsty for urine left from hikers. [Motherboard]
  • A Border Patrol agent has been fined after his gender-reveal caused a forest fire. [NPR]

From The Dyrt Magazine Archives

Each week we’re digging back into The Dyrt Magazine for articles we think you’ll love:

How To Plan the Best Fall Camping Trip With Your Kids

mom and three daughters roast marshmallows over the fire

Autumn might possibly be the best time to camp with kids: the campsites are less crowded, less hot and less buggy, and warm campfires at night are that much better.

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Campground of the Week: Hume Lake Camping in California

Image from The Dyrt camper Daniel J.

Are you in the mood for panoramic mountain views and access to tranquil waters? You’re in luck! A Hume Lake camping trip is the perfect getaway.

“This is a great campground. The sites are easy to get into and park. You usually have a lot of room to yourself. There are lots of trees for shade at camp. The lake is (generally) a short walk from camp. And you can even hike down the lake for 1/2 mile to the Hume Lake Christian Camp, where they have a visitor center, kayaks for rent, and even a general store with lots of food and supply options.” – The Dyrt camper Daniel J.

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