A friend recently told me she had heard you can make a shot glass out of a toasted marshmallow. What?! How have I camped my whole life without knowing this?

So, obviously, I had to try it. All you need for this heavenly creation are marshmallows and some sort of liquor. I had some Kahlua on hand, so used that, but I imagine Bailey’s Irish Cream would also be very tasty.

All it takes is a quick lick of the flame to get your toasted marshmallow ready. Let them sit for just a minute so that the middle sinks in, making a perfect spot to pour your Kaluha. It’s that easy!

I could not be much happier with my toasted marshmallow shot glasses!

I could not be much happier.

I did the shot of Kahlua and then ate my toasted marshmallow. It was as amazing as you would imagine. Give it a shot on your next camping trip!

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