How To Make Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses For the Whole Camping Crew

By : Sarah Smith May 29, 2015
At The Dyrt, we share camping tips from our community of campers and campgrounds. With so many campers staying home, we continue to share this info so you can plan future camping trips across the U.S.

A friend recently told me she had heard you can make a shot glass out of a toasted marshmallow. What?! How have I camped my whole life without knowing this?

So, obviously, I had to try it. All you need for this heavenly creation are marshmallows and some sort of liquor. I had some Kahlua on hand, so used that, but I imagine Bailey’s Irish Cream would also be very tasty.

All it takes is a quick lick of the flame to get your toasted marshmallow ready. Let them sit for just a minute so that the middle sinks in, making a perfect spot to pour your Kaluha. It’s that easy!

I could not be much happier with my toasted marshmallow shot glasses!

I could not be much happier.

I did the shot of Kahlua and then ate my toasted marshmallow. It was as amazing as you would imagine. Give it a shot on your next camping trip!

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