The least-publicized scandal of outdoor retailer winter market 2017.

It was the final hour on the last day of a long week at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market when two members of The Dyrt team, myself and our co-founder Kevin, arrived at a long-awaited destination: The Pickle Juice booth.

The Dyrt team went into Outdoor Retailer with full schedules set weeks in advance with back-to-back 30-minute media meetings. But one of our most anticipated meetings was with The Pickle Juice Company. We were set to meet early on day 3.

It was with dismay, then, that the madness of Outdoor Retailer shook our schedule so wildly that it blended into itself like a desert landscape in a rainstorm. Among the casualties was our meeting with The Pickle Juice Company. However, in a glorious turn of fate we found a free moment in the final hour of the final day of Outdoor Retailer. We knew what we had to do: head to The Pickle Juice Company booth.

We arrived just in time — only to find it empty. Abandoned by an attendant who no doubt had a need for relief after continued consumption of pickle juice.

Intuiting the spirit of The Pickle Juice crew, The Dyrt’s founder Kevin Long took the situation into his own hands — literally. He began handing out samples to passers by with such tenacity that a crowd began to form. We may have missed The Pickle Juice representative, but we would not miss The Pickle Juice opportunity.

It was a moment of chaos, confusion, and beauty. And pickle juice. We bonded with booth neighbors, buyers, and strangers.

One of these strangers-turned-friends was Matt, a runner and cyclist who happened to be personally intrigued by The Pickle Juice booth. Matt told us with conviction that, over the past several years, he has eaten a single pickle in the very middle of each of his races. And he swears by that pickle’s effect on his finish time.

Left: Matt the runner and cyclist who eats a pickle mid-race. Excuse me, I should say: who ate a pickle mid-race. Now it’s safe to say he’ll be drinking pickle juice instead. Right: Kevin, co-founder of The Dyrt, fully embracing the Pickle Juice mythos.

Matt’s unsolicited and flowing testimony was the momentum the crowd needed to move beyond seeing The Pickle Juice Company as a potentially silly endeavor — a danger the company must no doubt combat. With Matt’s vote of confidence and with the pickle juice starting to set in, there was a collective shift in energy.

It was precisely at this moment of bonding and clarity that the man manning the Pickle Juice pickle booth returned, and it could not have been better timed.

With the return of our Pickle Juice Patron came Pickle Juice knowledge, and let us just say this: knowledge doth flow from this man with a force unmatched by even the great rivers of the Nile or Ganges.

Having established a fervor for pickle juice of our own accord, we were primed to receive The Pickle Juice pitch with wide open ears and minds.

The bottom line: pickle juice contains electrolytes, and the vinegar base helps aid in recovery. As you work out, as you drink diuretics like coffee — as you go about your day — you lose electrolytes. The combination of electrolytes and vinegar creates a magic potion of relief. It creates Pickle Juice, and it is good.

Each of us learned something that day. It was a hard day: one of long hours, lost voices, and so many new sights even pure excitement embodied would seem dull. But Pickle Juice cut through the noise. Pickle Juice was there when we were wary.

And Pickle Juice worked. Both Kevin and I noticed near-immediate affects in our many-miled feet and well-worked hips.

I went so far as to buy a pickle jar at the City Market in Moab, Utah on my way home just to have the “Pickle Juice calm” as my copilot for the remaining few hours.

You can get Pickle Juice for yourself and see what all this fuss has been about. Shop their full range of product, from sport, to concentrate, to transportable, to liquor-chasers, on their website here.

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