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If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent an evening or two tumbling down the rabbit hole of #vanlife photos, campervan conversion ideas, and vintage canned ham makeovers on Instagram. It’s hard to resist the appeal of following others as they perform a camper renovation on rusty old campers and beat up RVs, turned into shiny, functional and beautiful spaces.

To inspire your own DIY camper renovation, we’ve rounded up twenty of the most inspiring, creative and ingenious camper makeovers across the internet. Here’s your warning: you may find yourself with an insatiable desire to run out, purchase a rusty old camper and embark on elaborate DIY camper renovations after viewing these photos.

19 DIY Camper Renovation Ideas on Instagram

1. Throwback Kitchen in a Camper


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A post shared by Vintage Camper Designs (@vintagecamperdesigns) on

This vintage-inspired kitchen renovation by @vintagecamperdesigns is beautiful and functional. If you want to recreate this look yourself, the refrigerator paint color is called “chilled mint.”

2. Upgraded Fold-Down Table


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A post shared by Vintage Camper Designs (@vintagecamperdesigns) on

One more from @vintagecamperdesigns. Check out this incredible table!! According to the brilliant folks who created it, the wood was sanded down, stained and epoxied.

3. Bunk Beds as a Space Saver


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A post shared by Madison Brooks (@madison_munro33) on

Those who camp with kids will know that space is of the essence. These triple bunk beds are an adorable and functional camper renovation. According to the brain behind the reno, @madison_munro33, the railings are made of 80 grade PVC, which are a fraction of the cost of real metal, and spray painted silver to look like the real deal.

4. Hand Tiled Wooden Floors


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A post shared by Chance the Camper (@chance.the.camper) on

This pine flooring design may take some patience, but can’t you just imagine how rad it will look when it’s finished? According to the mastermind behind the project, @chance.the.camper, once the tiles are down the cracks will be filled with wood filler, then sanded and sealed with lots of polyurethane.

5. Same Kitchen, New Paint


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A post shared by Jamie Vlahavas (@jamiejean10) on

It’s hard to believe that these before and after pictures are of the same camper! The reno expert and stylist behind the project, @jamiejean10, mentions that the kitchen backsplash was ordered on Amazon and the cabinets painted “Hale Blue” by Benjamin Moore. The rug is called “Jewel Tone” by Surya.

6. Compact Storage Upgrade


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A post shared by van conversions (@vanlife_conversions_goldcoast) on

When you live in a van you’ve got to get real creative about storage. The folks behind @vanlife_conversations_goldcoast have created these custom drawers and cabinets to store kitchen supplies and clothes. Plus, check out that surfboard roof rack!

7. Bar & Stools Adds Easy Seating


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A post shared by L U N A the S T A R C R A F T (@lunathestarcraft) on

Genius camper hack! Remove your camper’s small table and replace it with a bar and stools. As the brains behind this reno, @lunathestarcraft, puts it, there will be “plenty of space to eat, work, and stare longingly out the window.”

8. Staying Warm with a Wood Burning Stove


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A post shared by 1966 Aladdin Trailer (@our_weekend_hideaway) on

Stay warm and cozy during even the coldest winter days with a mini wood stove designed just for the camper. @our_weekend_hideaway installed the stove on top of a reclaimed shiplap wall for an extra burst of style.

9. Beach-Ready Wood Paneling


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A post shared by Vanlife | Travel (@vanlifeisawesome) on

It’s hard to put words to how drool-worthy this van conversion is. All I can say is, I’d do #vanlife any day in this gem.

10. DIY Camp-In Movie Theater


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A post shared by 👇 Must read news in our bio 👇 (@vanlifeexplorers) on

Why watch your favorite movie indoors when life is meant to be lived outside? @vanlifeexplorers know a thing or two about enjoying down time in the great outdoors. All you need to re-create this outdoor movie theater is a white sheet, a small projector, and access to your favorite big screen hits.

11. Scenic Sinks Transform a Bathroom


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A post shared by Andrea Jardine (@mountainglamper) on

Add a splash of color to your camper bathroom by installing a beautiful sink and hardware. This one is a hand hammered copper sink that @mountainglamper ordered on Ebay from Egypt.

12. Transform A Couch into a Cozy Corner


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A post shared by Cynthia St-germain (@cynthiastgermain87) on

It doesn’t take much to create a comfy space. Turn the corner of your camper into a DIY sectional couch with some patterned throw pillows and foam pads covered in blankets.

13. Clear the Clutter with a Food Pantry


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A post shared by Riley&Justin + three (@thebunchandthefifthwheel) on

When you live in a small space, organization is everything. Build a pantry to store food and keep kitchen items off of countertops and tucked away in a space of their own.

14. Convert Small Spaces to Store Spices


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A post shared by Jaymie (@jaymieshalane) on

Who says a camper renovation has to be big and expensive? Create your own RV spice rack for cheap! @jaymieshalane reports that she removed the original spindle railing and spent just $3.50 creating this spice rack. The spices are secured in place with Velcro to keep them moving around while the camper is in transit.

15. Freshen Up a Space With Ferns


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A post shared by ➕Mariah➕LeeAnn➕ (@seehowwerv) on

It’s hard to believe this gorgeous space is a home on wheels! @caitlinkanayan uses plants to bring the outside in and add more natural elements into the interior design of her RV.

16. Add Minor Comforts and Conveniences


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A post shared by Vincent 🚐 ( on

When you live in a small space it’s easy to misplace important items, and fixing that doesn’t require a total camper renovation. Hanging a simple key hook beside the door of your camper is a good way to ensure your keys will be exactly where you left them.

17. Convertible Counter Space


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A post shared by Olive Campervan Hire 🌿 (@olivecampervanhire) on

Maximize counter space by installing a cover that fits over your sink, allowing you to use the space as a cutting board or additional counter space when the sink is not in use.

18. Wooden Touches Make a Tight Bathroom Cozy


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Tiny home, tiny bathroom. 🧡

A post shared by Buslife | Francesca & Nicholas (@happyhomebodies) on

Who says that RV bathrooms have to prioritize function over fashion? This camper bathroom renovation by @happyhomebodies is beautiful, functional and spa-like.

19. Resize your RV with Ceiling Tile


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A post shared by jewelry & adventure ♡ (@lissaandnate) on

Adding ceiling tile to a tiny space can draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of more space. Let’s be honest, it just looks cool, too!

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