We’ve always known that dogs are great company in the wilderness. But what about our feline friends?

Bolt and Keel, two adventure cats who love to camp and canoe with their humans, are showing us that cats enjoy outdoor activities, too. We caught up with Kayleen and Danielle, the humans who paddle, pitch tents, and run Bolt and Keel’s adorable Instagram account for advice on bringing the kitties along for the ride.

Meet Bolt and Keel, Two Rescue Cats Turned Adventure Cats

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How did you first meet Bolt and Keel?

Danielle and I were working at an outdoor summer camp. We were coming back from a hike with the kids when we-heard a mewing from behind the garbage can. Keel came out from a bush first then Bolt. We were planning on taking the kittens to the SPCA, but it was closed by the time we got there after work. We had already planned a multi day canoe and hiking trip the next day, so decided to just bring them with us!

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Did you know right away they’d be adventure cats?

On the way down the switchbacks of the mountain, with Bolt and Keel tucked in our jackets, we started imagining bringing them on all of our adventures.

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Do you worry about them getting lost?

We always have them on leash when we are adventuring outside. We do get worried, but we travel in remote areas to avoid being spooked by other people, cars, or dogs.

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What is their favorite kind of outdoor excursion?

Bolt and Keel enjoy canoeing the best, as they can soak up the sun while Danielle and I do all the work.

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What types of safety precautions do you take when you have them outdoors with you?

We always have Bolt and Keel on leash and harness and they wear lifejackets when we are canoeing.

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Can you tell us about their individual personalities? Have they taken to the outdoors in different ways?

Despite being brothers, Bolt and Keel have very different personalities. Keel is much more active and a better hiker; he once hiked 11km on the Sunshine Coast trail. Bolt is much more laid back and prefers to be carried when hiking. We often just sling him around our necks while we hike.

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What are Bolt’s and Keel’s favorites pieces of outdoor gear?

I don’t think they have a favourite, but we think their little rain jackets are pretty cute!

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Any advice for people who want to start spending time outdoors with their cat?

Read their personalities first, not all cats enjoy it. Start with small adventures and help them feel comfortable with their harness before you go outdoors. We think the success of them as adventure cats is starting them so young.

Can’t get enough of Bolt and Keel? Neither can we! Follow them on Instagram and check out their book, Bolt and Keel: The Wild Adventures of Two Rescued Cats.

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