Women are gathering to run, paddle, ski and more with groups of other women across the country. Find one near you. This article is part of The Dyrt Magazine Issue 01: Women in the Outdoors. 

When women get together and get outside, magic happens. We encourage one another to push past boundaries and offer the support to make each other feel comfortable doing it. The bonds of sisterhood run strong in the outdoor community. Although we may also enjoy adventuring with our male counterparts, there’s something special about the camaraderie of women in the outdoor space.

Women’s groups offer the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and elevate each other in our chosen activities.

Run, Paddle, Ski and More with Women’s Groups Across the Country

Find your lady crew with these fantastic women’s outdoor groups around the country. Most of the following groups have chapters across the country. 

1. Outdoor Women’s Alliance

The Outdoor Women’s Alliance or OWA is a non-profit organization focused on human-powered sports. OWA organizes classes, curates trips, and fosters community in the outdoor space. Their local Grassroots Programs in Washington, Colorado, New England, Oregon, California, Utah and British Columbia organize local events so you can come together and find likeminded women. 

Becoming a member is easy with two separate tiers of annual memberships. Members get access to Grassroots events, Facebook groups, event discounts and even pro deals.

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2. Hike Like a Woman

Hike Like a Woman, or HLAW, is an all-inclusive outdoor online community for women who love to hike. Their belief is that everyday women are truly capable of extraordinary things. HLAW has a global reach with several local hiking groups where women can meet other women in their community. Their online wilderness classes provide opportunity to learn the skills you need to be a successful hiker. The community is loaded with freebies including gear reviews, giveaways, an inspiring podcast, blog and more.

Membership is a new option over at Hike Like a Woman. You get exclusive access to a Facebook group where you can chat with ambassadors and be a part of the growing HLAW movement.

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3. Brown Girls Climb

Brown Girls Climb seeks to increase visibility and community for brown girls in the outdoors — specifically those who climb. They meet for events and climbing in Washington D.C. and Denver.

“We climb inside. We climb outside. We climb over mountains and boulders. We climb over years of insecurity. We climb over generations of oppression, injustice, abuse, rape, and self-deprecation. We climb over doubts, fears, struggles, and insults on a daily basis. We climb because we must. We have always climbed and we will continue to climb because the statistics are not in our favor but the weather is good and today is a great day to start the ascent.”

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4. REI’s Outessa Program

Last year, REI launched its Outessa Program. These all-women events aim to empower you and create community in the outdoors. Learn a new skill, make new friends, and play with some incredible women nation-wide. Retreats and events continue to expand for the Outessa movement.

Events include both multi-day retreats and single day festivals. For more on what’s up and coming, see the Outessa Events Page.

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5. Appalachian Mountain Club Women’s Adventure Program

The Appalachian Mountain Club or AMC has women-specific programs geared towards getting outdoors with fellow women in the Appalachian Mountains. These programs are open to members of the AMC and include yoga, hiking, nature and art, and volunteer programs.

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6. All-Women’s Outdoor Courses

Are you interested in learning a specific activity in an all-women environment? If so, there are opportunities for women-only skills courses and private guided trips across the country. Simply Google the specific activity you are looking for and see what all-women options are out there. Whether you want an AIARE Avalanche Safety Level 1 course or a private, guided lesson in multi-pitch climbing there are women-only courses nearly everywhere.

7. Texas Outdoors Woman Network

Texas Outdoors-Woman Network or TOWN aims at providing women with a safe, supportive environment to enjoy outdoor activities. They have seven different chapters across the Lone Star State. Each chapter holds monthly meetings to plan events and field trips geared towards building an outdoor community of women in Texas.

Texas Outdoors-Woman Network has seven regional branches across Texas.

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Bold Betties

What started out as a local meetup group is now a full-fledged community for women. Bold Betties boasts women-only adventure travel packages all over the world. Pick a specific skill or region to hone your outdoor skills or try something completely new. Local Betties chapters are available in many parts of the country where you can meet local outdoor-adventure enthusiasts.

Membership consists of two different tiers. The first is free, where you can enjoy any events at regular price and join a local chapter. A monthly membership gives you discounts on gear, trips and exclusive access to members-only events.

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Sisters on the Fly

Sisters on the Fly is geared towards women who live the RV lifestyle, although you don’t need a trailer to join. It’s a community of mobile women that focuses on outdoor activities from horseback riding to fishing. Wine tasting, geocaching and community service are other activities these rambling women enjoy. It’s a network designed to keep close connections for those who live a life on the road.

Membership is based on an annual fee. You gain access to a member directory, events, festivals, activities and more. You can join the fun, or host your own activity. Events last anywhere from a half day to several days.

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Flash Foxy

What started out as a small women’s climbing community and Instagram account grew into a nation-wide climbing community for women. Whether you boulder or trad climb, there’s a home for you at Flash Foxy. The crag queens of Flash Foxy host events all over the country aimed at empowering women climbers.

Join the Flash Foxy movement by signing up for a climbing event in your area. Alternatively, follow the Instagram hashtag #FlashFoxy to find women who climb in your neighborhood.

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The outdoor women’s community is strong and it’s here to stay. Find your group and embrace the supportive community of outdoor women. They’ve got your back.

We’re celebrating women all month at The Dyrt, with stories from and about women who are overcoming obstacles, facing doubts, accomplishing goals, and loving the outdoors. Share your story with #StillSheGoes on social media! 

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