(updated 10/23)

You have a great property and you’re ready to take it to the next level. But how? The Dyrt has you covered with 6 tips for maximizing your hosting revenue to get the most out of your listing.

Photo of Black Creeks Cabin Nature Escape by Dianne C.

Photo of Black Creeks Cabin Nature Escape by Dianne C.

1. Offer group camping.

Make your property appealing to those traveling together by offering group camping. 

By creating dedicated group campsites or designating two or more regular campsites that neighbor each other, you can make your property a destination for larger or multi-family groups. You will need to make sure the group site can accommodate at least 8-10 people, or 4 or more tents.

2. Discount monthly pricing.

Offer monthly pricing to encourage longer stays from guests looking to live and work on the move.

With remote work comes an incredible flexibility that people are taking advantage of. Get in on this trend by offering monthly pricing for those longer stays. When guests book for longer stays it can mean more days that your property is consistently booked with less work for you. Fewer check-ins and check-outs, cleaning less often and other work that goes into hosting adds up. Just don’t forget to review your expenses when calculating your monthly rate.

3. Stay up-to-date on local events and adjust pricing accordingly.

Don’t miss out when events come to your area.

Keep an eye out for events that will attract visitors to your listing. Check local resources that list events and look at the schedule of any special venues in your area often ⁠— that way you can make your listing available to book for those dates as early as possible. You can also check on what others in your area will be charging during the event and adjust your price. 

4. Create a peak-season pricing strategy.

Knowing that you will want to adjust your price (early) for your peak season, put together a plan and make sure your listing is ready to go.

Start looking at the calendar early to map out when your peak season or seasons will roll around. First, make sure you’ve optimized your listing. Then, do your homework. What should your adjusted rate be? How long should your minimum stay be? What is needed to get your property ready? Don’t be afraid to look at what other hosts or hotels are offering and charging during that time.

5. Offer access to laundry for an extra fee.

Laundry is a great amenity you could consider charging a fee for.

Being able to do laundry is a great bonus, especially for monthly guests, if you have a washer and dryer that you could reasonably provide access to.

6. Try these extras.

Also, consider trying some of these extras and DIY projects to add value to your property, get guests’ attention and boost your rates.

  • a wood platform for tent or with a canopy to create a space to hang out, eat and prep food
  • DIY fire pit, grill top and fire starters
  • DIY benches or tree stumps for seating to create a defined campfire area
  • picnic tables
  • lawn games
  • a hammock
  • a rope or tire swing
  • unique lighting like string lights, solar lights or pathway lights
  • a camp kitchen
  • a drinking water station
  • a secure garbage and recycling area
  • a work station or laptop desk
  • a composting toilet
  • a standalone outhouse
  • an outdoor shower
  • an outdoor bathtub or hot tub

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