A little rain never hurt anyone — unless their gear isn’t waterproof.

Rain pattering on the roof of your tent is a soothing sound as you fall asleep. But the puddle that seeps into your sleeping bag overnight? That’ll turn your camping trip into a wet, uncomfortable mess.

The Dyrt is located in Portland, Oregon, so we’re no strangers to wet weather camping. But a little rain doesn’t hold us back in the Pacific Northwest. (If it did, we might never get out!)

That’s why it’s waterproofing your gear is SO important.

You No Longer Have to Fear the Rain with Grangers Tent and Gear Repel

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We checked out the Tent and Gear Repel from Grangers at Outdoor Retailer, and we’re pretty impressed by how easy waterproofing your gear is. While most of our camping gear, from jackets to tents, comes with waterproofing protectant, it becomes less effective as time goes by. This paint-on water repellent works on any fabric, restoring it back to its original durability.

Take that, wet weather!

The Tent and Gear Repel is great for last minute waterproofing. But Granger also makes a whole line of products to care for and waterproof your gear. Check out this video for a helpful overview on how to make use of their various waterproofing products:

We’ve got a few months of rain left in our neck of the woods, so waterproofing is a must. Even if you aren’t camping in the wet corner of the country, waterproofing your gear is always a good idea.

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Britany Robinson

Britany Robinson

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