If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you might have already heard of Tentsile Tree Tents. There’s no doubting it — they’re stunning, and the views you can get within are even better. Tentisle Tree Tents make your dreams of sleeping in the trees a much easier endeavor. That being said, we wanted to know one simple question: Are they worth it?  

A Comprehensive Review of the Tentsile Tree Tent

Tentsile tree tent

Image from Tentsile Facebook page.

Every day campers set up tents throughout parks all over the United States.  The standard tent has been an effective design for years, and each year companies are finding new ways to improve and innovate on it. However one company has chosen to completely rethink how tent camping is done. Headquartered in Bend, OR, Tentsile is elevating the way we think about camping with their unusual line of Tree Tents.

What’s a tree tent, you ask? To answer this question, we turned to The Dyrt Rangers, and fellow tent campers across the country, to give you honest and unedited Tentsile reviews, information, and tips. Equipped with their tree tents, they ventured out into the wilderness with a mission to find out if these hanging tents can replace their long loved “regular” tents.

Camper Erin H. Loves the Comfort and Portability of  the Tentsile Flite+ Tree Tent

 Cook Forest State Park, PA

tree top camping down low

Pros: “First things first: this is a two person tree tent. It’s not a hammock, but a true sleeping tent, with far more support at the bottom and a rainfly. The bottom floor strap serves as a good divider as well, so you’re not rolling into each other in the night. You really have your own space and plenty of it. There are 2 exits which is also handy. The campers were lined up (literally) to try it out, each getting their 15 mins in the trees. Some brought books, some brought a friend, and all enjoyed it, noting how surprisingly comfortable it was. You cannot sit cross legged in a hammock – but in the Flite+ you and a friend can play a game of cards.”

Cons: “While other tree tent models have hookups for their rope ladder, sold separately, this tent has none. Not ideal when wishing to hang it higher than a few feet off the ground. We had to hoist each other up into it at the near 5 ft height we arranged it at. After all, what good is a tree tent if it’s almost on the ground?!”

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Asher K’s Reviews the Tentsile Connect.

Thompson Creek Trail Campground, AL

tree tent reviews

Pros: “I got it as a graduation gift and it is one of the coolest tents I have ever used… I mean who can say they never dreamed of living in a tree house! This is definitely the adult version of that dream. Every time I set up this tree tent I get tons of questions from people who are interested. It is such a cool experience to sleep off the ground while not being cramped up in a traditional hammock.”

Cons: “Although it can be a challenge at first to learn the setup process, after a few years with the tent it gets much easier. The key is just getting everything level and balanced.”

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Christy C. Brought Their Tentsile Flite Tree Tent Backpacking

North/South Lake, NY

tree tent backpacking

Pros: “The Flight+ tree tent is very lightweight and convenient to take backpacking weighing in at only 7 lbs. It has a mesh netting that keeps bugs out and can be used with or without the rain tarp. In upstate NY, we left it off because there wasn’t any humidity or dew at the time. It gave us a great unobstructed view of the creek and trees.”

Cons: “There was a bit of a learning curve to the set up. We tried it in a variety of places and with different tree configurations.”

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So, What’s the Verdict?

From the sounds of it, our campers have been more than pleased with their tree tents. While they may require some trial and error with setup, these tents are proving comfortable and practical for tree top camping. A big thank you to our rangers and fellow tree campers for their thorough Tentsile reviews!

The basic Tentsile tree tent, the Flite+, starts at $350, which is about what you would expect to pay for a solid multi-person ground tent.

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