There may be nothing worse than having your more, sensitive, areas become tender halfway through a hike. Choose a chafing cream that will save your bum.

Meet the Chafed Hiker’s Best Friend: Chamois Butt’r Chafing Cream

Chamois Butt'r chafing cream

The Dyrt founder Kevin Long wields the power of Chamois Butt’r.

Whether it’s skin-on-skin contact or skin against leather or cotton or even that merino wool we all love so much, too much of anything, especially friction, can be a bad thing. With Chamois Butt’r, you can say goodbye to unnecessary chaffing, and hello to smoother hiking.

Created in 1988 by a group of avid cyclists and chemists, the non-greasy chafing cream has now made it’s way through cycling’s inner (and outer) circle. Now, it’s slid into the realm of hikers, skiers, and even law enforcement. Wherever irritation can occur from constant contact, Chamois Butt’r comes to the rescue. Best of all, you’ll only find high quality ingredients on the label. Which means it won’t stain that expensive sun shirt you just bought at REI.

The standard 8 oz tube is their best seller, and a perfect addition to your first aid kit. Not only does it reduce chaffing, it also helps sooth already irritated areas. That means you can generously apply the Butt’r anywhere, even on those mile 13 heel blisters. With a few other options, like a pH balanced Her Butt’r, and the new multi-sport GoStik, Chamois Butt’r has taken what they do best, and made it even better.

So be smooth or be sore. The choice is yours.

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