You don’t have to be a hardcore, backcountry survivalist to consider the risks of the wilderness. But personal locator beacons and satellite devices can seem extreme. Then again, we can’t always rely on our cell phones for safety purposes, especially when we’re venturing far from a signal. The LynQ GPS Compass offers appealing middle ground.

The “LynQ” GPS Compass is a 6th Sense for Locating Your Loved Ones Outside

One big concern in the wilderness, particularly for families and groups of friends, is keeping track of everyone and staying together. The LynQ makes it super easy to do this, without one of those ropes that kids hold on to in kindergarten.

The LynQ compass is a long-range location tracking device that looks more like a toy than a piece of high-tech gadgetry. But it offers a level of safety and comfort that can save a life. The one-button system allows you to connect to one or more people and know their location at all times.


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Our favorite part is how easy the LynQ is to access. The super simple interface doesn’t live on your phone, so you don’t have to worry about unlocking your screen, clicking an app, and waiting for it to load. It’s just… right there. Just look down and you will know exactly how far away and in what direction your loved one is located. Go that way to get to them.

The Dyrt team checked out the new LynQ compass at Outdoor Retailer’s winter market and we love that it allows you to worry less in the outdoors. Because being outside shouldn’t be anxiety-inducing—but there are risks when you’re in the wild. The LynQ is a low-profile, convenient way to feel better and safer about yourself and the ones you’re with. It’s simple to use, lasts up to three days without charging, and has a maximum range of three miles. That’s a lot of safety in a little device.

Buy Now: $109-$490

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