Granola and hikers go together as well as—well, granola and milk. The benefits of this snack on the trail are straightforward: it’s a highly-caloric, lightweight, energy-boosting snack that just tastes good. Granola has become the ubiquitous hiker’s snack, but many hikers will tell you that enjoying a package of small batch granola and milk on the trail is a joy worth any hassle. Our team at this year’s Outdoor Retailer showcase checked out a company that might be making out of the bar granola more accessible.

This Brand Makes Easy-to-Eat Small Batch Granola For The Trail or the Table

Avalanche Swiss Granola wants to give adventurers the option to enjoy granola at its finest. The brand specializes in grab-and-go packages of Swiss-style (not just a label, the granola is actually made in Switzerland!) granola. The company’s small batch granola comes certified as GMO free, vegetarian, and kosher—labels that come from the all-natural ingredients used.

Beyond the company’s commitment to offering good-for-you granola, our team also saw how these packages can perform on your next adventure. The bags of granola use 3-ply packaging that is waterproof and nitrogen-filled to lock in freshness. They’re so tough, you can pour milk directly into the bag and eat a refreshing bowl of granola on the go.


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Avalanche sells their five different flavors of granola in packages of six individual bags, but if you’re looking to buy in bulk for your next thru-hike, the company offers 32-packs deals as well.

Buy Now: $11.95

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