If you wear jeans, I’m here to tell you there’s a new jean in town and it’s time to upgrade.

The new jean is from a company called Dish & DUER (pronounced “do-er”) and it’s made of sturdy denim blended with stretch fabrics.

They also make chino-style stretch pants, so if you want stretch but something other than jeans, you have options.

Stretch fabrics have been around for some time. Most often, though, the fabric is cheap — so it doesn’t stand up to repeated use — or it is poorly designed — so it’s not a piece you’re actually excited to wear.

Dish & DUER.

Dish & DUER does what stretch jeans should have done a long time ago: use higher-quality fabrics and focus on fashion. The resulting jean is the last pair of pants you’ll want to purchase for a long time. Functional fabric and a style-minded design put Dish & DUER in a world apart from traditional jeans.

I’ve lived in a pair of Dish & DUER jeans for the past week. I’ve worn them underneath snow pants skiing advanced terrain, I’ve worn them in meetings, and I’ve worn them chilling on the couch. And I can say confidently: they hold up, stay comfortable, and stay fresh.

Check out their full set of styles and fits for both men and women ($129).

Ryan Fliss

Ryan Fliss

Ryan leads Growth at The Dyrt. With over 10 years writing and digital community building experience, and even more experience in the outdoors, he is excited about The Dyrt's early growth and trajectory. Ryan, like most people, is an onion (figuratively speaking), and finds byline bios reductive, though useful. He is writing this himself in the third person, and--to him--it feels strange.