2017 is going to be an exciting year for camping.

The Dyrt’s mobile app is going to launch in March, making it even easier to research, discover, and rate campsites across the US.

Our giveaways are also going to be more extensive than ever. This spring, we are orchestrating a 40-day road trip sweepstakes with daily prizes and the grand prize of a $10,000 SylvanSport GO Camper package. Then, starting in May and running through October we will be hosting another summer of camping contests with new winners across the country every single month.

We’re giving away this $10,000 SylvanSport GO camper in April. Click here to learn more.

It’s also an exciting time for the outdoor industry. As companies look back on 2016 and get feedback from their customers, they are putting out new exciting products in 2017.

I caught up with some of our brand partners at Outdoor Retailer and got the inside scoop on what to expect from each company this year.

Grand Trunk’s Hammock Stand takes #HangAnywhere to A Whole New Level 

This summer, you’ll be able to hang your Grand Trunk hammock in the middle of a wide open field, on the beach, or wherever your heart desires thanks to their new hammock stands. The stand weighs just over 30 lbs and packs down into a carrying case for easy transport. Have you ever wanted to wave in the wind like a piece of prairie grass? Well, now you can.

Complete the gear upgrade with a sunshade. It feels like being in your own little cocoon.

TREDAGAIN Unveils an Entire Line of Recycled Tire Shoes

TREDAGAIN makes shoes out of recycled tires.

It’s worth going a little wild for TREDAGAIN.

In case that’s not enough to love them, the shoes are ones you’ll actually want to wear. Style is at the forefront of TREDAGAIN’s design. And speaking of design, TREDAGAIN shoes are built to last. Rather than simply molding plastic to the foot’s shape, TREDAGAIN goes the old fashioned route and sews the various layers together. The result is a shoe built to last and built from reused tires.

A preview of TREDAGAIN styles coming in 2017.

We got the lowdown on TREDAGAIN’s new styles straight from the designer, Larry. When it comes to shoes, Larry knows what he’s doing.

Leatherman’s simple new knife you should add to your everyday carry

Leatherman is known for its multi-tools, but in 2017 they’re coming out with a simple folder knife called the Skeletool KB and KBx. The Skeletool KB is a straight blade that easily fits in the palm of your hand. The Skeletool KBx is the same casing as the KB, but with a serrated blade instead of a straight blade. The blade is about 2.5 inches. My favorite part of this knife? The pocket clip is also a bottle opener.

The Leatherman Skeletool KB and KBx.

Gregory Packs Expands Lightweight Backpacking Line with Paragon and Maven

Gregory Packs is building on their tradition of innovation with two lines of lightweight backpacks called the Paragon and the Maven. The Paragon is the men’s version, and the Maven is the women’s version. For a lightweight backpack, it has a surprising amount of features. From a full over-the-top hood to side pockets and buckles, this pack performs like a full-size pack but feels like half the weight.

If you’re looking for a do-it-all lightweight pack, consider the Paragon or Maven.

Check out the Paragon and Maven packs here.

ColdPruf adds 4 New Base Layers

Base layer extraordinaire ColdPruf is adding another line of base layers, the Zephyr line, to their offerings. The Zephyr line is created to be incredibly soft next to your skin. It also uses a fabric called Silvadur™ that keeps your layer fresh like wool, without the scratchiness of wool. The Zephyr line of base layers also has mesh panels that help the layer breathe where you are most prone to overheating, while providing warmth in the areas with less blood flow.

ColdPruf’s tagline is “we own cold,” and it could not be more accurate. They do base layers right.


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