If you’ve made an attempt to buy a canteen or any kind of insulated water bottle lately, you’ve inadvertently entered the great insulated debate. With so many brands available, it’s become a struggle to find a go-to bottle that stands out. Klean Kanteen might be the ones to end that debate with their latest design revealed at this winter’s Outdoor Retailer showcase.

Klean Kanteen’s TKPro Insulated Water Bottle Keeps Drinks Hot or Cold for a Very Long Time

The TKPro (short for Thermo Kanteen) series has introduced double-walled vacuum-seal insulation that works beyond reason, with its 32oz model keeping hot drinks toasty for 38 hours and iced drinks cold for an unheard of 100 hours—meaning your beverage will stay cold possibly longer than your camping trip!

Our team checked out the TKPro Insulated Water Bottle at Outdoor Retailer this year, and we were curious to find out how it works so well. The secret, it seems, is in the cap. The TKClosure threading uses a dot matrix design that works to not only conserve temperatures, but also conserves volumes—a 20% improvement across the line, and as high as 60% in some cases.

three klean kanteen insulated water bottles stand in a line, one with out a top, and a man holds a water bottle near the head of another man at a convention booth

The Dyrt co-founder Kevin Long got to hang with Jared from Klean Kanteen and check out the TKPro Line at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Snow Show.

Klean Kanteen’s classic stainless steel design was released more than a decade ago, and since then has evolved to be the market’s premier eco-friendly and best-performing insulated bottle. That’s why we weren’t surprised to see the brand outdo itself and competitors with the TKPro line.

It wasn’t just the mechanics of the new line of bottles that impressed us, however. The company has stuck up for their commitment to environmental awareness as a manufacturer by implementing a new green-sourced powder coating method (coined as KleanCoat Powder Coating) that is challenging the industry to “do better/be better” on coatings for insulated bottles.

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