In September of 2014, the SlideBelts team set out with a mission: to make a survival belt with unparalleled functionality.

They started a Kickstarter, received over $200,000 in funding, and set to work.

It’s September 2016, and Slide Belt’s Survival Belt is ready.


The SlideBelt and the Survival Belt buckle, featuring folding knife, fire starter, bottle opener, and LED flashlight.

We had the chance to test it out at Outdoor Retailer, and we have to say: the Survival Belt lives up to its “Carry Less, Adventure More” ethos.

The Survival Belt is impressive in person. Makes me wonder why I’m wearing this single-purpose metal and leather buckle and belt.

“The unique body of the Survival Buckle is composed of highly durable glass-filled nylon, and features an integrated folding knife with bottle opener, LED flashlight, and a ferrocerium fire starter rod.”


Backstory: the model went rogue when discovering the Survival Belt’s multiple uses. The photographer went with it, and the result actually looks really good. (Story to be confirmed)

“The knife is made of heat-treated AUS-8 stainless steel with a durable Titanium Nitride coating. A liner locking mechanism allows the knife to be opened with one hand.”

The belt’s strap is also worth noting.


Internal and external engineering went into making this one of the best belts on the market.

Internal webbing gives you about 1500 PSI of tensile strength, which means you can use the belt as a strap (after taking it off your person, of course) to strap and carry loads.

Externally, it is coated for a lifetime of adventure: waterproof, cold-proof, and heat-resistant.



In its natural habitat.

Slide Belts’ Survival Belt retail for $180. Check it out here.

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